Weekend Recap

So I wasn’t planning on posting a weekend recap as one of my first posts, but thanks to Elyza Dolby from CorePowerYoga in Federal Hill…weekend recap it is.

Training for a triathlon means lots of swim time. I taught SB Body Barre at UAPC 10 Light Street in the morning, went to work and then hit the Merritt Canton pool to get in some lap time with my friend Patty. After that, it was home to eat more carbs and hydrate in prep for tomorrow’s 19 miles training run (I know what you’re thinking…crazy right?!?).  I don’t know if there was a way to fully prepare, but I was doing the best that I could and trying to mentally not psych myself out. Training for triathlons and marathons means having a crazy Friday night and crawling into bed at 9pm. WOOHOO!!


It was an early morning to try and beat the heat and humidity, but I don’t think that was even possible. I got to the Baltimore/Annapolis Trail around 6am to do my warm up andIMG_0993.JPG adventure out solo for 19 miles. I left with 1.5L in my camelbak, 2-12oz bottles (one with watermelon Nuun and one with CarboPro), and a lemonade Huma gel in my pack just in case. Needless to say when I made it back to my car I had no water, no Nuun, no CarboPro and no gel (which I ended up taking at mile 10).

 I thought 16 miles last weekend in the heat was bad, try adding on 3 more. 3 may not seem like a lot, but I counted every mile which I’m sure made it go even slower. The heat definitely took it’s toll and there were a few points I honestly thought about throwing in the towel. I couldn’t stay hydrated due to the amount of sweat that I was losing from it being so hot and humid. I kept pushing along and seeing everyone else on the trail struggling made me feel a little bit better. It was good to know that I wasn’t the only one.

Going into this long run I figured some solo miles would give me a ton of time to think, but looking back I couldn’t even tell you what I thought about while running for 2 hours and 42 minutes. I can tell you that I had to mentally tell myself over and over again that I could do this. There may have been a few (a lot actually) bad words dropped for a majority of the last couple of miles, but hey…whatever get’s you to the end.

I’m not sure how I managed to still look put together after finishing probably definitely the toughest training I’ve had to date. There was A LOT of sweat!


Yes…that is a puddle of sweat that I rung out of my shirt.


I continued to hydrate and eat in order to make up the 1,800+ calories that I burned from that run. Overall, felt pretty accomplished and am ready for another week of marathon and triathlon training. Bring it on!



Sundays have typically been my bike day, so I decided to head down to Columbia to the IronGirl course one more time before the race next week. Princeton Sports does group rides every Sunday morning at 9am. There was a huge group of riders that showed up. If you are new to biking I highly recommend coming. This ride is fully supported and everyone is extremely nice. Being new to this whole road bike thing, this definitely helped me prepare for the Maryland Duathlon and IronGirl.

bike group.jpg

Yoga is one of my favorite cross training workouts so when I can I try and practice a few times a week. I especially love Sunday yoga because it gives me a chance to get myself focused for the week.

At the beginning of class we always set an intention and mine for tonight was all about letting go. Letting go of all the things that no longer serve me so that I can create space for what inspires me. In life we hold on to a lot of things. We hold on to things, to anger, to negativity, to sadness, to happiness, to jealousy, to people, to ideals and to so much more.

As you start the week, I challenge you to come up with a list of a few things that you can let go of. What in your life does not serve you that you can let go?


Remember…do you!

Happy Monday friends.




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