I’m Happy You’re Here

Since it’s Wednesday and Wednesdays are normally all about November Project I figured it would only be appropriate to talk about this amazing FREE FITNESS movement that is right here in Baltimore. Yes…right here in Baltimore since 2014 and it’s FREE.

November Project originated in Boston as way to stay in shape during the cold winter months. This movement has now spread across North America and tribes are filled with people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. The tribe uses accountability (aka – verbal) to motivate and encourage people to get up and get moving.

If you haven’t tried a workout with this group, you are totally missing out. I still remember going to my first workout on May 20, 2015. I didn’t know anyone, but was immediately greeted by smiling faces, high fives, hugs and countless people telling me “I’m happy you’re here.” all before 6am. It only took going one time to be hooked.  You’ll soon realize that you are a part of such an amazing community that is filled with the most amazing people that will soon become your best friends.

Some things to LOVE about this group of people….

This year the tribe made Baltimore Magazines Best of Baltimore for “Reason to Work Out Before 6 a.m.” AND I made it in too!!! Huge thanks to Baltimore Magazine for the amazing photo 🙂


We even made the front cover!!


We participated in the first ALL-WOMEN workout in light of the United State of Women Conference in D.C. this year.

women workout.jpg

We tag shirts for PRIDE weekend.


We spend our Saturdays training for races and doing long runs.


We get up super early on holidays to go invade other tribes.
(#DCHonInvasion on July 4th)


We sometimes wear non-workout clothes and go to Happy Hour.

happy hour.jpg

We do workouts which involve telephone numbers and sending selfies.

telephone workout.jpg

We run lots of stairs (sometimes).

november project stairs.jpg

We take yearbook photos.


We do crazy things like make costumes out of newspaper and then run to HomeSlyce for beer & pizza.

      NP newspaper.jpg      betterthanbedtime.jpg

And so much more….

So do yourself a favor and come see what this tribe is all about.

Wednesdays: Federal Hill / Rash Field Park, 5:30am & 6:30am

Fridays: Patterson Park, corner of E Baltimore St. & S. Linwood Ave, 6:30am

You can also check out the book which is a pretty amazing read, but don’t use the book as an excuse to not come to a workout. Come to a workout and then you’ll definitely want to read the book.

np book.jpg

Follow November Project Baltimore on Facebook and Twitter.

I guess I should probably tell you how to join. Well, it’s pretty simple…you JUST SHOW UP. No excuses, set your alarm, get your butt out of bed and JUST SHOW UP.

Who’s dropping a #verbal for Friday and for next week?



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