Prep for Irongirl Columbia

Only one more sleep till Irongirl Columbia! Going into the weekend I was feeling excited, feeling ready and feeling confident for my first Sprint Triathlon and my first Irongirl. Well that all seemed to change after getting notification that the swim had been cancelled on Friday. The test results continued to come back above acceptable levels due to the storm this past Saturday. My excitement soon turned into frustration, anger and disappointment. The hours spent in the pool and conquering the open water swim are not going to happen (insert sad face). After all of the texts and comments on social media sending me good luck wishes, I knew that I needed to refocus and still stick to my plan.

Sticking to the plan meant heading to the pool after work on Friday for a few laps because no training is ever wasted.


My week looked a little like this:

Monday: Barre
Tuesday: Track workout (200’s), TRX
Wednesday: Spin, 1275m swim
(had to test out my new Speedo Vanquisher goggles and new Garmin 735XT)
Thursday: 30 minute recovery run, Surf Camp
Friday: Barre, 1600m swim
Saturday: REST DAY (sort of…did yoga in the morning to loosen up and stretch)
Sunday: Race Day

Today was all about hydrating, eating well balanced meals, get in a good stretch and resting.

I decided to do morning yoga at CorePower to set the tone for the day and tomorrows race. It just so happens that today’s intention was about noticing and listening to our bodies. Being someone who is super active and always on the go, taking rest days are HARD.  They are, however, extremely important and it was good to get that drilled into my head a bit more today. We need rest in order to listen what our bodies need and to be able to perform at our best when it matters most. Another takeaway was remembering to come back to your center because that is you and who you are.

After yoga, it was breakfast and coffee which looked a little like this…

Roasted sweet potato topped with avocado and an over-easy egg.


Then it was time to meet the ASA gang at Centennial Park to check in, get my race packet, and rack my bike.



The rest of the day included relaxing by the pool, drinking lots of water and mentally preparing for tomorrow.

A quick shout out to the ASA athletes racing tomorrow.
Team Defu, Team Corey and Team Lily!!!

Together We Finish!


 More to come tomorrow with a full recap, but it’s time to make sure I have everything laid out for tomorrow since it will be a super early morning.

Let’s do this ladies!!!


See you all tomorrow!


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