Another Week of Training…Check

Another week of training and another week of super hot, humid miles. This week actually went by super fast and I’m okay with that. I’m not ready for summer to be over, but I AM ready for less humidity.

My week started with some recovery which meant yoga and teaching barre at the gym. I took another class at CorePower yoga with Taylor and she inspired me to get this book by Melody Beattie. It has a short reading for every day of the year to help you discover your true purpose in the world and to learn to connect even more deeply with yourself.


Tuesday: mile repeats in the park (and coffee from Atwater’s)

The workout looked like this: 1600m warmup, 6 x 1.5 mile repeats, 1600m cooldown

IMG_1309.JPG    IMG_1313.JPG

Wednesday: 40 minute run + November Project

It feels like I haven’t been to November Project in so long. Well…it has been weeks but seems like forever. It felt great to be back with the tribe and sweating it out at 5:30am at Rash Field. Partner workout complete with my gal Elyza, who ran a personal best this weekend at the Seawheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver.

“Growth is growth, no matter how small.”


NP #dogsquad was also looking pretty strong!!


Thursday: 60 minute run

My friend Mackenzie is finally back in CharmCity after being gone for a month. No better way to catch up on life than with a run around the harbor on yet another humid morning. Oh and this girl is a beast and just signed up for Ironman 140.6 Texas.


Friday: Barre @ UAPC and then evening yoga with Dani Yarusso at MPower in Canton. Let’s not forget about the 9pm bedtime…because…well…I needed the sleep. 

Saturday: 16 miles + 1500m swim

Well as many of you know who got out to run today…it was HOT, HUMID and in the words of my friend Shawn…”SOUPY”. It hit 80% humidity by 5am and it just kept going up from there which made today’s run slow and extra sweaty.


                   IMG_1398.JPG     IMG_1397.JPG

And because I didn’t get to wear my IronGirl swim cap last weekend I decided to wear it today.

My afternoon also included the pool…

 a Honey Bee Acai Bowl from Pure Raw Juice


a pedicure…

and a new pair of Newtons because a girl can never have too many running shoes. I decided to go with the Distance S III this go around. Thanks Boston Street Running!!


And that’s a wrap…#exhausted….anyone else?

Have a great rest of your weekend….be safe.





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