One Week Closer

It’s time to start counting it down. Well I’ve already been counting it down, but Chicago Marathon is only 42 days away. I’m hitting my peak right now with my longest run in training which was 22 miles (yes….22 miles). Crazy?!?! Sort of…but I love the training and working towards race day when you see it all come together.

Here is a recap of how my week went:

– Early A.M. swim (1600m)

– Taught Barre @ Merritt
– Spent time doing some mobility and foam rolling
– 60 minute massage (so painful but very much needed)

– Speed work
1600m Warm Up
800m @ 3:52 pace (1 min recovery)
800m @ 3:52 pace (1 min recovery)
400m @ 1:45 pace
400m recovery
3200m Cool Down

These Newton Distance SIII shoes have been my go-to recently for speed work.


– SoulBody Barre filming (2-15 minute segments)


– 50 minute recovery run (5.57 miles)
– November Project
– 90 minute Vinyasa Yoga @ Yogaworks with Jess Crowley. We actually worked on flexibility and hip opening. My body thanked me for that.

– 60 minute RPM @ Merritt with Kim

– Taught SB Body Barre @UAPC
– 1200m easy swim

Since Saturday was a super long run…I had to make sure I fueled properly throughout the day which included plenty of carbs, protein and plenty of water.

Breakfast –  oatmeal with nut-butter and a banana plus a protein shake
Lunch – a giant salad  + an apple-pear (I also had a GoMacro Bar)
Dinner – sauteed kale, Bilinski’s chicken sausage, a sweet potato and an over easy egg (I try and consume most of my carbs earlier in the day and keep dinner light)

IMG_1692.JPG   IMG_1703.JPG

– 22 mile long run (8:30-9:00min pace)

As nervous as I was about this run, I woke up feeling ready to tackle this run. I try to take out the mental peace and just go with it. The less nervous I am, the better I run. I sleep with water bottle by my bed so as soon as I got up I could start hydrating.

Breakfast: Clif Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Energy Food and a banana with almond butter plus CarboPro

What I packed: 2 Huma Gels and Nuun (note to self…take 3 gels next time)

I’m not going to lie it was tough with the humidity, but by now I think I’ve become accustomed to it. This was the longest training run I’ve ever done. I was so fortunate to have a friend that was willing to get up at 5am and run 20+ miles with me when there is 75% humidity. Mac and I met at the Monument in Mt. Vernon and headed up to Hopkins where it was pretty flat. There are a lot of bike paths so it was easy for us to get into a good cadence so I could hit my target paces for this week. It was definitely a nice change of scenery from the usual harbor promenade runs. We did hit one monstrous hill, but that’s about it. Mac was sure to remind me of how great hill training is (thank you Mac). I took a Huma gel at mile 8 and mile 16. I probably should have taken them sooner, but that’s the beauty about these long runs is they are great for getting ready for what you are going to do on the day of the race. I typically will do every 6 miles so I’ll try that on my next long run.

We mixed things up and decided to run 3 laps around Druid Lake and were able to grab some more water at the water fountain there. We also saw a ton of people out running which was encouraging at this point. After the laps it was time to head back down to the city for the final few miles.

We chatted a good portion of the run, but there were times of complete silence with the occasional…”how are you doing”, “you good with pace”, “we are almost done…you got this”. I love the part of the run when you know you are almost home and are already feeling so accomplished. Knowing that I ran over 20 miles and didn’t hit “the wall” was a great feeling. The only thing going through my mind was coffee and brunch.

I met Mac, her boyfriend, and their friend from NY for post run brunch. We went to Blue Moon Cafe (which was also on our To-Do list).


– 1000m recovery swim
– 6 mile run with Athletes Serving Athletes

Such a great morning with some of my favorite people.

and because running selfies are the best…


Connor’s Mom even joined us for a lap and got to push.


Post run consisted of having brunch at Atwaters before heading to the pool.

I spent the rest of the day food prepping and getting ready for this week’s workouts.  This week is actually a RECOVERY week which I’m really excited about. I’m taking full advantage and am focusing on proper fueling and getting plenty of sleep. That being said…good night.

Bring it Monday!



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