My Recovery Week

If you read my last weekly training recap post you know that this week was a recovery week for me. I only logged 24.37 miles, but I’m okay with that considering where I am in my training plan. These next few weeks are probably the most important as I head into my taper so taking rest was something my body needed and I took advantage. I spent extra time in the gym foam rolling and focusing on mobility. I also was able to get in some yoga which always works wonders both mentally and physically during my training.

Here’s a peak into what my recovery week looked like:

Monday: A much needed Rest Day (not complete rest since I had to teach my normal Barre class at Merritt)

Tuesday: Track workout with November Project / Yoga @ the Tiki Barge

I think this was the largest group yet. 22 people showed up to run 800’s at 5:30AM!!!! They did Yasso’s and I did my own little workout which went a little like this…

  • 3200 warm up (8:41/8:35)
  • 10×400 @ 1:55
  • 3200 cool down (8:28/8:39)
  • Total miles: 6.50

Yoga was perfect to get in a little more stretching. Marissa is another one of my favorite instructors in Baltimore and I was excited to finally be able to make one of her outdoor yoga classes at the Tiki Barge. We also took full advantage of the post yoga crushes.


Wednesday: Run / Bike
Total miles: 4.70 (8:52 pace)

Bike: RPM @ Merritt (45 minutes)

It was PR Day at November Project so instead I just ran laps while everyone else PR’d. If this photo doesn’t want to make you get up at 5am go workout I’m not sure what does. I almost certain that the tribe grows every week. I actually met a few new people which is always exciting and means just more free hugs. It’s easy…you #JustShowUp.










Taught SB BodyBarre / TRX

Friday: Taught SB BodyBarre / 1000m swim

I also made a quick stop at the juice bar to get some wheatgrass and beet juice. Did you know beets are great for endurance? They are rich in nitrates which can help boost stamina, improve blood flow and also serve as an anti-inflammatory. I also spotted this Pumpkin Spice Latte..has anyone tried it?

IMG_1840.JPG   IMG_1842.JPG

Saturday: Charles Street 12 Miler / Hot Yoga
Total miles: 1.17 warm up + 12 miles race = 13.17

I’ll post a recap next week, but I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to run. It’s always great to run through the city and see people out lining the streets cheering you on. Congratulations to all of the finishers today!!

james.png.  racing.png

Sunday: Recovery Swim

Enough about last week, it’s time to re-focus on training for this week. I need to focus on Saturday’s triathlon and Sunday’s 18 mile long run.

Happy SundayFunday.

Cheers to a 3 day weekend!!



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