Charles Street 12 Miler Recap

I actually love writing these recaps. It gives me the opportunity to think about everything that happened before, during and after the race. I love the excitement of race day for so many reasons, but mainly because you get to see all of your training unfold.

My first alarm went off at 4:50 a.m. so that I had plenty of time to drink water, eat breakfast, and plan out how the rest of the morning would go prior to the race start. I had 2 gluten-free waffles with nut butter along with some strawberry-lemonade Nuun. I packed a water bottle with carbo-pro plus 2 Huma gels and a banana for the road.

My sister and Christine picked me up in the Uber so we could head to PowerPlant together. We then boarded the bus to go to Towson which is where the race started.

I did my 10 minute warm up, finished my drills, ate my banana and then stood in the super long bathroom line. It’s bad every year so maybe next year they’ll get the hint and add more.At one point I thought I wasn’t going to make the start or would have to hold it for the entire 12 miles. Luckily…I made it just in time.

 I also tried out this sports cream that was in the bag at packet pick up. I put it on my hamstring at the start of the race since it’s been angry with me lately. Of all the creams I’ve tried, this one definitely smells the best so I would definitely use it again. However, my normal go-to is the doTerra Deep Blue Rub. This stuff works wonders on sore muscles.


I finally made it to the start and had a chance to snap a quick photo with my sister and Christine. I’m super proud of these two for all they’ve accomplished so far and for taking on the B3 Challenge which included the Shamrock 5K, Sole of the City 10K and the Charles Street 12.

I squeezed my way up to the 1:30 pace group. I wasn’t sure how I was going to run since this was supposed to be a HR Zone training run which meant running in the 157-162 range.

IMG_1858.JPG       girls.png

My HR monitor for some reason disconnected early in the race and didn’t track my HR, so I had no idea what zone I was in. I felt pretty good so I kept the pace around 7:35/mile. As many of you know who run this race, there are a lot of hills before getting onto Charles which makes it a pretty challenging course. I took my Huma gel at mile 5 which worked out and took in Gatorade at the water stops from miles 6-10.

 Here are the final results:


I always love getting the race day photos to see the awful faces I make while running. To my surprise some of them turned out pretty good.

2016-09-06_15-46-52.jpg   2016-09-06_15-47-13.jpg

Post race goodies:
I always forget that this race does not have the best post-race food.  They just have boxed lunches with wraps, fruit and a cookie. I mean why can’t I just get a banana and a bagel?


Of course I took an obligatory medal picture.


Naked Juice was giving out samples so of course I tried them all. I had the Bright Beets which is part of their new line of juices. I also tried the Chia Cherry Lime which was pretty good even though I’m not a huge fan of cherry.

beet.png     IMG_1868.JPG

A proud sister moment right here…Marie crushed her longest race ever and was still smiling!!!



And when James from Athletes Serving Athletes asks if he can take a picture with you, you don’t say no. ASA had 15 athletes cross the finish that morning!!!


My sister and I along with our friend Craig walked home and went to Light Street Cafe for breakfast. I went for the oatmeal with blueberries, 2 over-easy eggs topped with a lot of hot sauce and a soy-latte!


After breakfast it was home to shower and then meet my friend Mac at the pool. We needed a day to catch up, read, nap and spend some time in the sauna.

Overall…very happy with how this race turned out. I love all of the support from this amazing fitness community and hope that it continues to grow.

Next up…

Diamondman Sprint Triathlon on September 10 and then the Philadelphia Rock-N-Roll Half Marathon on September 18.

Who else is racing this month?


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