Another Goal Accomplished

I know I’m a little late getting my weekly training posted, but this weekend was a bit nuts. I honestly was just exhausted and didn’t get around to getting this together. This week was a bit different than the last few just because my focus this week was on my Triathlon. I needed to get my runs in while still being able to prep for the swim, bike and run that I was about to face.

Monday: Since today was a holiday I didn’t have to teach at the gym. After I got back from PA, I loaded the bike and headed to the B&A trail for a good rideand run.

17.1 miles bike + 1 mile run

Tuesday: Today was a max heart rate assessment day which I did on the treadmill dreadmill. It went a little like this…

1 mile warm up – 8:55 pace
3 minutes  – .41 miles @ 7:35 pace
3 minute easy run – .32 miles
3 minutes  –  .40 miles @ 7:38 pace
2 miles cool down – 9:00 pace

I ended up with 4.29 miles. (and yes ending in .29 bugs me)

Wednesday: I had to miss NP this week to get in my run and get to work. I did 6 easy miles at 8:53 pace. I did also get in a nice 60 minute massage with my friend Steph who recently became a certified massage therapist. If you are looking for someone to help you get all those kinks out..let me know and I’ll pass along her information to you. She is great!!!

I got this new tea too and can’t wait to try it…


Thursday:  I hit up the pool one last time. I swam 1000 meters and then did a nice 40 minute ride on the indoor spin bike (not ideal, but convenient). Since I was in Canton I met my friend Heather for a quick breakfast at Atwater’s.

Soy latte, egg whites, avocado and gluten-free toast (PB on the side).


Friday: I taught my normal BodyBarre class at UAPC. I enjoyed the steam room along with some good foam rolling.

My typical Friday night included getting prepped for race day, doing some cooking and going to bed at 9pm (exiting yes?). I made the Superhero muffins (from Run Fast Eat Slow) which are now all pretty much gone. I did freeze some to take with me on the go when I travel. I’ll post more about these later along with a few other recipes I’ve tried from the book.


Saturday: Diamondman Triathlon in Delaware. It was a Sprint Tri so it was a .5 mile swim, 19 mile bike and 3.3 trail run. I promise I’ll get a recap on the blog this week.


After driving back to Baltimore, I spent the rest of the day watching my sister at the Dragon Boat races at the Inner Harbor.

Marie is here…


We took a slight detour on the walk home and stopped for some refreshing Acai Bowls from Pure Raw.


Sunday: I met my friend Mac and Lauren at 6a.m. for a nice 18 mile training run around the city. Well there really wasn’t anything nice about it besides having 2 friends to help pass the time and push me along.  It was long and I was just exhausted from the triathlon yesterday, but it had to get done. This close to Chicago there is no slacking or skipping runs.

Lauren is also running Chicago and has a blog, Breathe Deeply and Smile, that you should totally check out. Mac’s blog is in the works so I’ll let you you all know once it is up and running. We’ll be doing a lot of Ironman training together next year so you’ll be seeing a lot of her.


Man am I ready for some rest days!!!!

As much as I loved triathlon training, I’m ready to put all of my focus on the marathon. I need to be ready both mentally and physically. These next few weeks are going to be challenging, but they are exactly what I need if I want to hit my goal time.

This week came to 32.64 miles.

I have a lot to share this week so you’ll be seeing more posts in the coming days.

Have a healthy day!



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