Diamondman Triathlon Recap

I can officially call myself a triathlete after completing the Piranha Sports Diamondman Triathlon over the weekend. Nervous? Just a little, but mostly because of the swim. I’ve only swam in open water twice at Hammerman Beach in Middle River when I was training for IronGirl (this year the swim got cancelled). All of my other swims were just laps at the Merritt pools. I felt ready and was looking forward to being able to say I completed a triathlon. I didn’t go into race day with any goal time, mainly because I just wanted to finish. I knew I had an 18 mile long run on Sunday and my marathon is my real focus. I was just going to see how I felt and gauge everything on that.

The distance was: ~ 0.5 Mile Swim ~19.5 Mile Bike ~3.3 Mile Run

It was actually pretty close. My watch read:

884 yard swim, 19.33 mile bike and 3.35 mile run.


I did this race with a few others from Athletes Serving Athletes. Kathleen and Aleah also did the sprint tri while Conor did the half iron tri.

It was a SUPER early start…I’m talking like 3:45 am early.  Bike was loaded and I was on the road at 4:18am.


I had about an hour drive to the race so I ate my breakfast on the way which was 2 of my favorite gluten-free waffles with nut-butter. I also drank a huge container of water/Nuun and had a banana to eat closer to the start of the race.

I did realize that I need to buy one of those headlamps for these super early morning. I couldn’t see a thing so I had to use the light on my phone. This, however, does not work great when you have to use the bathroom.

I picked up my packet which included my orange swim cap, timing chip and bib number.


All set up and ready to go in transition…

IMG_2068.JPG   IMG_2069.JPG

I had 2 gels in my race belt, Nuun and Carbo Pro on the bike. I used only one gel (Huma Cafe Mocha) at like mile 10 on the bike. I was going to take one on the run, but it fell out of my belt running out of transition for the run. I was fine without it, but could have used it for an extra boost.The run was actually on the trail which was a nice change of pace. I took in water and Gatorade the water stops along the way.

I also tested out the lock laces for the first time and am pretty much hooked. Best invention everrrrr!


Let’s start with the swim:

This race was pretty low key so I got in the lake and tested out the goggles to make sure they didn’t leak. At this point I really wasn’t nervous just more anxious to get going. Once we started it was a lot of kicking, getting kicked and trampled in the water. Siting ahead is super hard and I’m pretty sure I swallowed some lake water which made my stomach churn. In my head I was thinking holy shit .5 is a long way. Once I hit the first buoy I did some doggy paddling to get around it and then got back into a good cadence. At this point it opened up a bit and wasn’t as crowded. Once I could see land I started using my legs more to get ready for the bike. Swim โœ”๏ธ

Now it was a dash to transition and time to get on the bike. The bike was pretty flat and I just cruised right along no problem. 

After 19 miles I was back to transition into the run which is definitely my strength. I stayed right around 7:45-8 min pace which is where I felt comfortable. The run was trail so I did have to watch my footing a bit. But overall very scenic and shaded.

And just like that I saw the finish line!!

At this point I had no idea how I finished or if I placed. It was hard to get a gauge of ages on the course because there was no body marking. Turns out I ended up 1st in my age group. 

Here were the official results:


After finishing, I grabbed a banana and some water. They also had an entire box of these Hammer Gels so I stocked up for upcoming races.


Some post race photos.

IMG_2086.JPG    podium.jpg

Aleah also placed and got 2nd in her age group.


Kathleen and I rocking our metals.



After the race…it was time to load up the bike, do a quick change and then head back to the city. All I could think about was food and a shower (pretty sure I could still smell the crummy lake water).


Time to get myself into gear and ready for Chi-Town. Only 25 days to go!!!

Happy Hump Day ya’ll!!



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