Taper Time

Happy Monday! That’s right…it’s time to taper. Only 13 days until Chicago and yes I’m counting it down. This was my second full week of soley focusing on the marathon and running. I’m definitely learning a lot when it comes to listening to my body and making sure that I’m fueled properly over these next 2 weeks. What does that mean exactly? Well, for one, I need to make sure I’m getting adequate sleep (I definitely accomplished that this weekend).  Two, I need to be fueling my body properly and trying to get at least 2500 calories a day. I know what you are thinking, but that’s essentially what I need. Now is not the time to try and squeeze in more workouts. All of the hard work and hours spent on the pavement will hopefully pay off and now it’s time to go into taper feeling ready to run 26.2. I don’t know that your body is every really ready, but you just pray for a great day when you arrive at the start line.

Monday: I was traveling for work so I didn’t teach my normal barre class and took an entire day of rest.

Tuesday: Easy recovery run along the promenade  (5.15 miles)   

Wednesday: I finally made it to a November Project workout. I’ve been having to miss due to marathon training and teaching classes at the gym, so I stopped there for about 30 minutes and got in about 1 mile. I also was able to get in an easy 1500m swim. I taught Barre in the evening.


Thursday: When I first saw this workout on the calendar I was a bit scared. Maybe not scared, but nervous. I got up early and headed to Patterson Park to run the 800m loop. If you follow me on Strava…it was a lot of loops.

1600m warm up

3×3 Mile repeats at 7:45 pace

6x100m sprints @ 90% effort

3200m cool down

Friday: Easy 30 minute recovery run (3.39 miles) and then it was off to Florida for the weekend for a much needed vacation.

Saturday: I actually slept in, ate breakfast and stretched all before heading out for a nice 10 mile long run. We averaged right around 8:03 pace which considering he heat of Florida was pretty good. The run was immediately followed by an amazing brunch. We went to this place called First Watch. I had the Power Breakfast Quinoa Bowl and coffee of course.

Quinoa, Kale, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and 2 Over-Easy Eggs FTW!

Sunday: Technically a rest day, but since it was my last day in Florida I couldn’t pass up some open water swimming. We headed to Bonita Springs after breakfast to swim/run. My friend Jon and I cranked out about a mile swim which actually felt pretty good. The rest of the day was spent planning for the coming week and just being lazy. I wanted to make sure I headed into these next two weeks well rested and I’m pretty sure I accomplished that!

Hopefully you all had a great weekend and took some time to relax as we head into the last week of September. I’ll be back with some more posts this week and finally sharing some Fall recipes.

Alright Monday…let’s do this!



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