Matcha..Why You Should Love it Too

First off….congratulations on making it to Friday!!! So what is Matcha? Matcha (from the Japanese “ma” meaning powder and “cha” meaning tea) is actually a powdered version of green tea. Instead of steeping the leaves and drinking the liquid, you’re drinking the whole leaf. There are so many reasons why you should try Matcha. It’s an … More Matcha..Why You Should Love it Too


Happy Tuesday everyone. Walking outside today I’ve decided that it’s finally Fall (kind of bummed…I miss that 80 degree weather already). Anyway, this post is going to be short and sweet, but I wanted to share an intention with all of you that I’ve been experiencing in my own life over the past couple of weeks … More Trust

Last Week Before Taper #2…Only 3 Weeks Till Richmond

This week things shifted from recovery to marathon training. With Richmond only 3 weeks away, I need to get back into my typical weekly running routine, however, I am listening closely to what my body is telling me. For one, sleep is still super important and so is adequate nutrition. I am also not neglecting … More Last Week Before Taper #2…Only 3 Weeks Till Richmond


Okay so tapering is hard and this week has been a bit stressful from the move and getting settled into my new place, but the main focus has been the marathon. I’ve been focusing on sleeping in, drinking plenty of water, eating carbs, getting in some good runs and stretching. Mentally and physically I need … More MARATHON WEEK