Home Stretch

I meant to get this up yesterday, but with moving this got a bit delayed. So, this is it. Ready or not Chicago I’m coming for you.  This week past week was somewhat light and I’m okay with that considering I’m tapering. Going into this week I felt refreshed after a very relaxing weekend filled with working out, beach time, good food (maybe some wine too) and lots of sleep.

Things I’m doing:
1. Getting extra rest
2. Drinking lots of water (NO ALCOHOL)
3. Consuming as close to 2500 calories as I can (this is harder than you think)
4. Staying away from anyone who is sick and has a cold
5. Making sure I’m taking my vitamins
6. Not trying anything new and just sticking with more normal routine
7. Getting in lots of stretching and mobility work
8. Lastly…just enjoying the final 2 weeks and mentally getting myself ready

So here’s what this past week looked like…

Monday: Travel back from Florida + Rest Day (Taught Barre @ Merritt)

Man was I sad to be leaving this…


As always I travel with snacks and my go-to today was a Picky Bar. Anyone else a fan?


Tuesday: Vinyasa Yoga + 35 minute run (4.2 miles)

I also stopped by Das Bier Haus in federal Hill for the ASA Fundraiser. Don’t forget to sign up for the ASA Fun Fest on October 29. Bring the entire family for just an all around great event.

Wednesday: November Project (3.08 miles) + 1200m swim

I also hit up my girl Steph for a massage. If you are looking for a good massage let me know, she’s seriously the best.

5:30am crew as always bringing their A game on PR Day.


I also got some fresh #grassrootsgear for Chicago. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to wear, but I think this tank might be the winner. 2016-09-28_16-31-23.jpg

Thursday: Track workout (6 miles)

Due to the rain I didn’t make it outside so had to suck it up and run these 800’s on the mill. Not ideal, but sometimes you gotta suck it up and get it DONE. I pretty much left giant puddles on the treadmill.

1 mile warm up, 8 x 800 @ 4:00 with 90 seconds rest in between, 1 mile cool down

I also had a physical therapy appointment today at True Sports. We did the graston technique and the cupping. So the cupping didn’t hurt at all really. I can’t describe what it felt like, but when I go back next week I’ll try and see if anything comes to mind.


Friday: Taught BodyBarre at UA 10 Light  + 30 minute run

Early birthday dinner with my friend Mac at Sweet 27. I did enjoy a Chocolate Peanut Butter DF cupcake.


Saturday: Happy Birthday to ME!!

I taught TRX  @ Beachfit and then did about 45 minutes on the spin bike.

I’ve been reading about the many ways to incorporate yoga on the TRX, so I’ve been trying to incorporate a lot of the moves during the warm up and cool down. TRX is just an all around great workout so I encourage you if you haven’t taken a class to come to Beachfit and try it out.


I met Marie at Atwaters for post workout breakfast and coffee. I got the usual…egg white, avocado and gluten free bread with a coconut milk latte.


I went to Bluegrass to celebrate the BIG 29 with my sister along with two of her friends that were visiting. I got the salmon which was AMAZING. We also split the brussels sprouts because you can’t go to Bluegrass and not order them. I think what makes them so good that they are cooked in walnut oil.


Sunday: Today was my last long run which ended up being around 10.5 miles + move to Canton.

1 week to go!!!


Happy Monday ya’ll!

I’ll be checking back this week and touching base while in Chicago!!



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