Okay so tapering is hard and this week has been a bit stressful from the move and getting settled into my new place, but the main focus has been the marathon. I’ve been focusing on sleeping in, drinking plenty of water, eating carbs, getting in some good runs and stretching. Mentally and physically I need to be feeling my best so this week I paid extra attention to what my body was telling me.

Here it goes…the final week at a glance.

Monday: Rest + Taught Barre

Tuesday: Easy 6.08 miles (9:09 pace) +  True Sports

I was able to squeeze some time with Mary to do some last minute work on this glute/hammy. We did graston and cupping again. The picture on the left are the graston tools and the right is a picture of the lovely marks from cupping.

IMG_2591.JPG  IMG_2593.JPG

Wednesday: Easy 3.3 miles (9:02 pace)

Thursday: Speed work (8 x 200s @ 52) – 5 miles + Packing for Chicago

The good thing about being back in Canton is the easy access to Patterson Park. This morning I ran into my friend Julie. She’s training for the Everglades Half which I am also doing in November.

Pretty sure I failed at this running selfie…sorry Julie.


I also hit up Pure Raw to load up on Beet Juice. Beets are great for increasing stamina and improving blood flow. Let’s hope this helps me run fast on Sunday.


I also made more of the Superhero muffins to take with me to Chicago for snacks. There will be more to come on what I’m packing.


Friday: Rest day + Travel to Chicago

Saturday: Will be an easy 1-2 mile shakeout run in Chicago

Sunday: Crush 26.2!! (I hope)

Next post will be coming to you from Chi-Town!




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