I Did It…Thank You Chicago

As many of you may have saw if you follow me on social media, Chicago did not disappoint. Yesterday was beyond perfect. Walking away with a huge PR (50:28 to be exact), but most importantly a BQ (3:28:58). I’m speechless. Quitting never crossed my mind, but when it hurt… I dug deep and just kept thinking about the finish and that BQ.  I still can’t believe it. I wish I had it in me to get a full recap up, but it will take me a few days to gather all of my thoughts. Marathons are physical, but like any other race it is definitely more mental than anything. The emotions coming into the finish line knowing I hit that BQ  was a feeling that I just can’t describe. I cried, I smiled and I cried again. To see everything come together today and the hard work pay off is the best reward. Thinking about all the early mornings, the humid long runs, the overall hours spent on the pavement, on the bike and in the pool not to mention the many sacrifices made to get in the training make it all worth it. This is what I love about running and training. If you are runner or athlete…you know feeling. Yesterday proved that when you let go of perceived limitations, and just run, you start to see how much you are capable of. 

Congratulations to all the Chicago marathon finishers  and to everyone who set a new PR or a BQ. 

To my family, friends, coworkers, ASA, and the entire Baltimore fitness community…Thank you for all of your love, support and for your inspiration too. You all are amazing. 

I’ll be ready for you Boston…See you in 2018! 



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