Post Chicago Recovery…What’s Next

If you follow the blog and have been following these past few months of training,  I can bet that many of you are wondering what’s next. What does one do after running 26.2 miles? How do you recover? Well I’m glad you asked because you are about to find out how these recovery weeks are going to go. Including how I’m prepping for Richmond Marathon on November 12. Yup, that’s right..another 26.2 is going down this year.

The biggest thing after running a marathon or really any long distance race is recovery. Your body needs it. For me, slowing down and resting is hard, but it’s so important for maximum performance.

Sunday after marathon included lots of sleep, eating and just watching TV when I got back to the hotel. I called family and friends to check in and talk about the race. I still really didn’t have an appetite, but forced myself to drink a protein shake I picked up at Whole Foods the day before. I continued to drink lots of water and Nuun.

Still in shock….did that really just happen?

IMG_2736 (1).JPG

When I did get hungry I actually ordered from the hotel. It looked like this…

I spent the rest of the day blogging and just relaxing.It was nice to take some time to just reflect on the race and what I had accomplished up to this point.

I did get some ice to ice the knees and hamstrings/glute. I also wore my compression sleeves to help with circulation.


Monday: My flight wasn’t until later so I got up early and did more stretching and foam rolling. I decided to go into the city and hit up the Nike store and go to the bean. Oh and I wore that medal proud all morning. It was awesome to see everyone else wearing there’s too.


The line was hours long at the Nike store so opted for Starbucks and nice walk to the bean before heading back to the hotel to go to the airport.


Tuesday: Another rest day. My calves were SO SO SORE. I tried to avoid stairs if possible. I taught Surf Camp at Beachfit that night plus did more foam rolling and stretching.

Wednesday: Woohoo another rest day. I made it to November Project and then went to Order&Chaos for coffee after with Marie and Julie. This place is so cute so if you haven’t already go check it out.


Thursday: I taught TRX at Beachfit and then had a massage at Massage Envy. Still no running, but luckily the legs are feeling much better!

Friday: I taught my usual morning BodyBarre class at Under Armour and then went to visit Mary at TrueSports. We did the Graston,cupping and worked on stretching out the hamstring. And….I got in a few miles in my new Newton Gravity sneaks that arrived this week. It was Fleet Week in Baltimore so it was fun to watch the Blue Angels along the waterfront.

(3.35 miles)

IMG_2848.JPG   IMG_2839.JPG

This protein powder is awesome by the way.


Saturday: I ran leg 2 of the Baltimore Marathon with Team Ian. My friend Christine and I decided to run to exchange to get in some extra miles. Leg 2 was a blast. Amy (Ian’s mom), and Stacey are both running Marine Corps Marathon at the end of the month along with Christine and a few other wingman. It was fun to chat with Katie too.

(12.7 miles)


I met up with Julie and Liz at the finish to cheer on the other runners coming across the finish. I met up with some other NP peeps following the race for some post-race photos.

Loving these crab medals and….

IMG_2880.JPG      IMG_2885.JPG

…these 2XU compression socks.


Sunday: 1400m easy swim + food prep

Has anyone been cooking out of their RunFastEatSlow cookbook? I swear I’m hooked on those superhero muffins.

IMG_2896.JPG     IMG_2897.JPG

And that’s a wrap!

Total miles: 16.05

A little reminder…remember to always DO YOU.




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