Last Week Before Taper #2…Only 3 Weeks Till Richmond

This week things shifted from recovery to marathon training. With Richmond only 3 weeks away, I need to get back into my typical weekly running routine, however, I am listening closely to what my body is telling me. For one, sleep is still super important and so is adequate nutrition. I am also not neglecting lots of stretching, foam rolling and yoga.

Monday: Rest Day + Barre at Merritt

Tuesday: Run (7.3 miles)

It was SOOOOOO good to meet up and run with Mac. Man have I missed her these past 2 weeks. Sometimes life just gets in the way and meeting up just doesn’t happen so I was glad to get in some morning miles along the water. I also got in some weights and lots of foam rolling.

I traveled to Nashville that afternoon for work and ended up going to my first NHL game. We weren’t planning on going, but figured since we were so close to the arena we’d try and get some tickets. Well, we scored some cheap tickets and then found some open seats close to the ice.

Not a bad view….


Wednesday: The hotel gym didn’t have much so I opted for 60 minutes on the elliptical and then did some core work.

Thursday: Run (10.40 miles)

Good morning from Baltimore. I sure am taking advantage of this warm weather while it lasts.


Friday: I taught BodyBarre at UAPC + Melt Hot Yoga at M.Power

Saturday: Early breakfast at BlueMoonToo with Mac, Greg, Victoria, Jordan and Mac’s mom Barb. Mac and I have spent a lot of miles together and with those miles comes a lot of chatting. I’ve heard so many great things about her mom so it was so nice to finally meet her.

Taught 9am TRX at Beachfit + Run (5 miles)

Sunday: Since I didn’t get in my long run yesterday, I opted to get out today for a very long 17 miles. I typically don’t like doing long runs on Sunday’s but sometimes you just got roll with it. So happy that this is the last super long run before Richmond. Time to taper!

Beautiful day to run around Fort McHenry.


Post run Gundalow Juice.


 Total Miles: 39.70

Don’t forget to register for the Athletes Serving Athletes Run Fest. Get your costumes and bring the family for all sorts of fun on October 29!!

Click here to register!


Hope to see some of you in class this week.

Monday – SB Barre 5pm @ Merritt Canton

Friday – SB BodyBarre 6:15am @  UAPC 10 Light



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