Richmond (Half) Marathon Recap

Alright folks…another half marathon in the books this past weekend which means another recap. It was a great race not because I ran well or hit a PR, but because I got to be there to support my friends running the full marathon. That was the most important thing to me. I went into this race not sure how the IT band was going to hold up so I had no time goals or expectations. The only thing I wanted to do was have fun.

I went to the expo Friday to pick up my packet. It was sad to have to turn in my full marathon bib, but knew I was making a smart decision.

IMG_3517.JPG   IMG_3518.JPG

It was a pretty small expo so I made a couple loops around to scope out freebies. I grabbed some of the pre-cut KT tape to have on hand too since it was cheaper and I didn’t have to pay for shipping.

IMG_3519.JPG IMG_3520.JPG IMG_3521.JPG

I made a quick stop at WholeFoods before heading to Lauren’s house. Dinner was random things from the salad bar. I also picked up wine for the girls and a few other items I needed. Let’s be honest, you can never go into WholeFoods to get just what you needed.


They had some EPIC bars that I haven’t seen including a salmon one. I also got a goMacro bar to eat after the race and decided to try a new coconut flavor.

IMG_3527.JPG    IMG_3528.JPG

Shawn and I met up at her friend Lauren’s house who was so generous to host us. She was running the full too.

After chowing down my dinner, we planned out our race day outfits.

Lulu shorts, NP shirt and buff (not pictured), ProCompression socks and arm sleeves and 2 Huma Gels and my Newton Distance (also not pictured).


Alarms set. Thank goodness it was not a super crazy early morning.


Rise and shine it’s time to #RunRichmond!

I’ve been slacking on the food pictures, but breakfast was LoveGrown Gluten-Free Oats with some almond butter. I also packed my water and banana for the road.


Around 6:30am we were off. Lauren’s boyfriend was so kind to come pick us up and drop us off at the start.

     IMG_3536.JPG  IMG_3537.JPG

It was so freaking cold. I stayed warm by doing all my warm up exercises to get my glutes fired up and ready to go. Believe it or not, remembering to squeeze your butt while you run is quite challenging (and kinda weird too). Anyone else have this same struggle? It’s getting easier, but sometimes I really gotta think about it. #runnerproblems


Pre-race crushing photo.IMG_3545.JPG

And then I was off.

I started with the 1:45 pace group and knew that if I needed to I would just pull back. They were a lot of fun and I’m starting to take a liking to running with pacers.

I’ll be honest, I tried really hard to actually remember what was going on during the race so I’d have something to write about, but I got nothing. I tried to remember signs. I do remember one that says “Run? I thought you said Rum”. For some reason my mind just goes blank and I never pay attention. I did do a lot of thinking, but I won’t bore you with all that.


The course was great and the people were so nice. I now get why they call it – America’s Friendliest Marathon.

I did a HumaGel at mile 7 and grabbed water/Powerade at the water stops which were every 2 miles. At this point the pace group pulled ahead and I just cruised at my steady pace. I felt fine, but didn’t want to push it.

I had a guy compliment my Newtons around mile 8..first time for that one. There was a group of people giving out beer at maybe mile 10-ish or so. I thought hard about this one and almost stopped but figured it wouldn’t be a smart idea. The guy in front of me did though.

Mile 11 selfie because…why not?!?!?


The last half mile or so were basically straight downhill. I’ll admit that it did not feel good…it actually hurt. The crowd was great and everyone was cheering. I was definitely happy to cross the finish line.


I asked a girl to take my photo. I love how runners are so nice. I mean you have to get all the photos.


More hardware.


The swag was great. We got a sweet blanket and I got another hat to add to the collection.


But more importantly the post race food. I so wanted to enjoy this pizza, but being lactose intolerant that would’ve been a rough drive back to Baltimore.


I went to the med tent to grab some ice and enjoy my banana, trail mix and McDonald’s black coffee. It wasn’t the best, but it was warm.

IMG_3562.JPG     IMG_3565.JPG

Even though I was extremely disappointed to not be running the full, I was kind of glad I only had 13.1 miles to do.  With the way my IT band I don’t think I could’ve run the full, so at least I was at ease knowing I made the right decision.

   I went around to grab all the free stuff and Publix was giving away these awesome resistance bands….SCORE!


I love these post race photos…


I went to bag check to grab all my stuff, eat my goMacro bar and sit in the sun to keep warm. After I got all bundled up I walked back up to mile 25-ish to wait for Shawn.

    IMG_3571.JPG     IMG_3570.JPG

I was so freaking happy when I spotted those Maryland flag shorts. If you know MD you know how much they love their flag.


We took selfies.


I ran with her all the way to finish (well almost).

I’m pretty happy with these results considering I haven’t really run much these past few weeks. I would have liked to have negative splits but I’m not complaining.


We walked around the post-race area some more.

Oh and can we talk about this?!?!?!


Shawn had a wedding to get to so we didn’t hang out long. We took one more selfie and walked to catch an Uber back to Lauren’s house.

IMG_3604.JPG    2016-11-15_20-06-53.jpg

Congratulations to Shawn, Lauren and Emily for crushing 26.2 miles. So proud of you ladies!!

And now for the photos…

All business…


Almost there…

2016-11-15_14-51-39.jpg    2016-11-15_14-52-20.jpg

Yup…exactly what they tell you not to do when crossing the finish line…immediately stop your watch. I mean you can have extra seconds cause that will totally mess up your Strava game.


Finish line = hands up


The..thank goodness it’s over..why do I do this again face?


Overall, Richmond was a great city and I’d definitely go back to run there again at some point. I’m not sure when, but it will get added to the list. On a side note…as much as I love all these races I’m so glad that the racing season is coming to an end.




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