I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and were able to spend quality time with your family and friends. This is one of my favorite times of year for so many reasons.   Thanksgiving really kicks off the holiday season and gets me super excited about Christmas. I finally have an excuse to sing and play Christmas music every chance I get. I also get excited for snow…actually not really. I could do without snow.

So along with the fun of the holidays also comes stress. Our lives all of sudden get so busy with shopping, wrapping, baking, going to holiday parties, etc. that we tend forget to sometimes to take care of ourselves.

I feel like every year we need this reminder to slow down, reset. Take a step back and just think…we live in a society where we constantly go, go, go, and never slow down. Well…use the time you have this weekend to recharge and to reset, your mind and body. Breaking this pattern of rush, rush, rush, can restore our bodies and our minds and can even bring a feeling of calm and healing amidst the stress.

So today when the rest of the world is stressed because…

  1. The checkout lines at Target are hours long
  2. Their wallets are empty
  3. That action figure is sold out
  4. They are still sitting on the couch in a food coma

So instead of lines and stress….#OptOutside

In case you didn’t know REI closes all of it’s stores on Black Friday to get people together to get more people outdoors.

I challenge all of you to visit the REI website to #optoutside this year. I am.


Enjoy your day outside!!


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