A Free Snack Guide

Enough with all the running talk…let’s talk about food for a second. I recently had a friend from the gym launch her free snack guide online that I wanted to share with all of you. Her name is Katie Sampayo. I first met Katie when she was going through her SoulBody Barre certification to teach at Merritt. Since getting certified, Katie decided to leave the corporate world last December to pursue her passion to help others live a happy, healthy, and holistic life.  She has continued to grow and continue certifications to become a personal trainer and work with people to achieve their goals. It has been so awesome to follow her achievements which is why I wanted to share this snack guide with you. Going into the holidays can be extremely stressful for most of us, but she has some great tips and snacks to help keep you on track.

Who’s ready for healthy snacks?


Download the snack guide here.

“You’re in control of your life; you’re in control of your mind; you’re in control of your body; and you’re in control of your happiness…NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise!” – Katie

Read more about Katie here.

What are some of your favorite snacks?



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