Hello December

Well…hello December. I still can’t believe there are only 29 days left in 2016. This means that you have one month left to meet your goals and finish this year strong. This may mean going back to your resolutions you made on January 1, 2016 to see where you are and what you have left to accomplish. I’m sure there is something you missed or maybe something you can add. We all know that this time of year is crazy. Because we all can get a little stressed I wanted to share some of my tips to help you (and me) get through the holidays.


Come on…you got this!!

1. Stay Active  – I know this time of year you have holiday parties, shopping, and baking to do, but don’t mistake being busy for being active. Don’t make excuses. There are plenty of short workouts that you can squeeze in between all of the hustle and bustle. Check out this no-weight, at-home glute workout from Happy Food Healthy Life. Don’t worry I’ll be posting more fun workouts throughout the month.

2. Try Healthier Recipes – Pinterest and blogs are the best places to search for healthy recipes. Check out my board here for some great recipes including Whole30 and Paleo. Speaking of Whole30…I’m starting in January for anyone who wants to join me!!

3. Stay Organized – Keep a list of errands, groceries and gifts. The less time you spend running around the more time you’ll have for yourself (which means getting to the gym).

4. Stay Healthy – It’s that time of year where cold and flu season strikes. Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer to avoid getting sick and missing out on all the holiday fun. Make sure you have a full stock of Emergen-C.

5. Say No – Just because everyone else is stuffing their face with cookies, cake and pie doesn’t mean you have to. Everything in moderation. Remember the 90-10 rule (and that doesn’t mean 80-20).

6. Bring a Healthy Dish – If heading out to a party, make a healthy dish that you can eat in case there isn’t a healthy option.

7. Rest Up – Sleep!!!! Don’t skimp on resting during the holidays. Sleep in, plan your days so you can still get a good 8 hours of sleep.

8. Water – Yes…drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Don’t forget to drink water between all of the wine, cocktails, beer and eggnog.

9. De-Stress – Stay calm and relaxed. Meditate, journal, exercise and focus on your goals for the upcoming year. I love Insight Timer. You can download it for free.

10. Set Goals – Let’s be honest…how many of us actually stick to resolutions? Try and make lifestyle changes that you can stick to all year long not just January – March February. 

11. Stay Positive – Don’t get upset if you miss a workout or have too many glasses of wine. Just get back on track and keep a positive attitude.

12. Take Time For You – It’s easy to think about everyone else this time of year, but I encourage all of you to take some time for yourself even if it’s just a couple hours a week. Take a bubble bath, go to yoga, meditate, hit up a coffee shop for some reading and maybe sneak in a Sunday afternoon nap.

 Cheers to a Healthy Holiday Season!!

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