Happy Friday. One thing I’ve failed to touch on is stretching and recovery. I know we are all pressed for time, but there are some simple things that you can begin to incorporate into your daily routine. Yes…barre and other workouts will help prevent injuries from happening, but that doesn’t mean you can avoid stretching all together.
Here are 7 elements that will get you on the right path to making sure you are taking care of your yourself.

1. Sleep: the most important time to recovery in that it provides mental health, hormonal balance and muscle recovery.

2. Hydration: Water is the best way to hydrate. Try adding lemons, limes or fruit. I personally love lemons and cucumbers.

3. Nutrition: Everything you eat has the ability to help heal or hurt your body. Eating clean and balanced meals in moderation will help you remain healthy and increase performance. January is a great month to start fresh and get back on track.


4. Posture: Find a chair that correct and if you struggle to sit upright use a foam roller or ball in your back to help force good posture.

6. Self-Myofascial Release: Tight muscles and trigger points sometimes need assistance to return to healthy normal tissue. Try foam rolling before and after your workout. I’ve also come to love massages and try and schedule them regularly especially during racing season.

7. Heat, Ice, Epsom Salt and Compression:  Use these techniques for recovering from injuries or a very stressful training or racing experience.
Here’s a great new move to try for stretching your feet and avoiding really tight calf muscles which we know we get from running and working out. This is something you can do while watching TV, prepping dinner, brushing your teeth, etc. Our feet are our foundation and support everything we do, so please give them some love!!
You can use a frozen water bottle, lacrosse ball or yoga tune ball.
Also make sure you have a good foam roller or rollers for post workouts. I love the EvoFit Enso Roller. IMG_4254.JPG
Donโ€™t ignore your body until it becomes too late and youโ€™re forced to take unnecessary time off due to injury, burnout, or worse. You have goals to reach. Bring it 2017!

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