Beachfit Challenge Winners

Happy Monday. I’m only about 3 months behind on announcing the winners of my challenge I posted back in September (you can check out the full post here). Things have been a bit crazy, but I promise come the new year I’ll be much better about getting these out sooner.

I hope you’ll also decide to participate in these challenges because it’s one of the many ways you can stay on track to have a healthy 2017. I don’t mean just a healthy January 2017, but 12 months of healthy living and feeling good about YOU.

I encourage all of you to continue to try something new, challenge yourself, step outside your comfort zone, and most importantly have fun doing YOU in 2017.

So here are my two Beachfit Baltimore winners….Emma and Ruthie

These girls have worked so hard these past few months and are always an inspiration.

Follow Emma on Instagram: @emmahaydenw

Follow Ruthie on Instagram: @ruthie_tui


Thank you for being a part of Beachfit and sharing your positive vibes with all of us.

Cheers to finishing out 2016 strong!!

See you in the studio this week.

Thursday: 7am Bootcamp – 5pm TRX

Friday: 8am Bootcamp

IMG_4410 (1).JPG


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