I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas  and are as excited as I am about 2017. We all know that it’s easy to create a list of resolutions, but actually sticking to them is the most challenging part. I think you all can agree. Although we all want to push forward, it’s important to look back and learn from your resolutions you set for 2016. How did you do? What could you have done differently? Did you really give it your all? Were you successful?


Here are some pretty interesting New Year’s Resolution stats:
  • 45%: Percentage of people who make New Year’s resolutions
  • 8%: Percentage of people who are successful in achieving their resolutions
  • 49%:Percentage of those who had marginal or infrequent success
  • 24%: Percentage of those who didn’t succeed, and failed on their resolutions

It’s a new year, a clean slate. There is no better time than now to make a difference in your life and those around you to make it a great year.


1. Pick one goal that motivates you and something you really want
2. Create an action plan – include the steps you need to take in order to meet each goal
3. Limit your list to a number you can handle…think of realistic goals
4. Change your current habits….Challenge is Change
5. Forgive yourself – if you slip…it’s not the end of the world but get back on track

Now….time to start making resolutions and keeping them all year long!!

So many opportunities to get out and sweat with this amazing community.

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