Sunshine Vibes & Why Group Fitness

Anyone else  have trouble getting motivated when it’s cold? I encourage you to definitely come check out Beachfit Baltimore where we are always rocking sunshine. Sunshine, a good burn and of course FUN…what more could you ask for during these winter months!  You can check out the fitness schedule here. Classes include spin, TRX, Surf Set, boot camp and more. I teach Thursday 5PM TRX.

We even do fun things like this…

Looks like fun, right?!?  In that case I’ll be seeing you in the studio!
Here are few tips on why you should take Group Fitness classes:
You make friends:  Meeting new people and building friendships with others in a group makes working out MORE FUN!
Accountability:  Texting a friend or telling them after class that you’ll see them next week makes it easier for you to show up. At November Project, we strive on accountability. If you drop a #verbal, you better be there!!!
Makes Use of Time:  Group fitness classes range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. You’ll work your entire body making use of your time and helping you get a better workout.
Push it To The Limit:  You are more likely to push yourself harder when in a group class than when you workout solo. Plus you will have more confidence and increase your chances of seeing great results from working out.
Remember…good habits are much better than resolutions.
Now go get after it and #SweatEveryDay!

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