Training Update

I figured since I’ve been on a recipe kick lately that I would give you an update on the training schedule and what my weeks have looked like recently. It has been somewhat consistent but have been mixing it up depending on what I feel like doing and what events are going on throughout the city at the different studios.

Here’s the rundown:

Mondays: Teach Barre + Lift

Lunge Matrix
Pencil 1 Arm OH Press

Barbell Feet Together Squat

Cable Plank Row
Reverse Hypers
Cable Side Plank Row
Hollow Rocks

Oh and I recently received my shipment of Nuun. Has anyone tried the new vitamin flavors? I love the strawberry melon.


Tuesdays: Cross Training

I mix is up on Tuesday’s. Sometimes it’s a swim, sometimes weights, sometimes a spin class, sometimes yoga.

(more to come this week with biking since my new indoor training is set up…no more excuses to skip out on getting in some time in the saddle)

As you know I love eggs (for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Recently I’ve been adding smoked salmon, spinach and avocado to spice things up a bit. It tastes way better than it looks…promise.


Wednesdays: November Project + Lift


This new NP Buff is on point by the way.

Dumbbell Complex (renegade row, push-up, squat press, OH backwards lunges – repeat)
Goblet Lateral Lunge
Bear Bird Dog

Banded Shuffle/Skater
Side Plank Arm With Fly/Leg Lift
Superman Band Row
Lateral Wall Run (these are crazy hard and great for the abs)

Thursdays: Swim + Teach TRX

I’ve been hitting up the pool before work and loving both the tough workouts and the easy swims. This past week I did my longest swim of 2100 meters. I feel like when I have an actual workout to follow the time goes by so much faster.

img_5229  img_5230

Fridays: November Project + Lift

I actually dropped my morning Barre class at Under Armour so I’ll now be able to go to November Project in Patterson Park in the mornings or hit up the gym to get in some weights.

1 Leg Goblet Squat
1 Leg Slider Hamstring Curl

TGU (Turkish Get-Up)
Stability Ball Stir the Pots

Side Plank Bottom Leg Mt. Climber
Feet on Wall Mt. Climber (my new favotire move)
Side to Side Leg Wipers
Banana Rolls


I’ve been loving this new stability ball ab workout from my friend Steph. It was good…wanna know why? I was sore for DAYSSS!!! I promise I’ll post it soon.

Saturdays: I’ve been getting in some long runs or hitting up the gym for spin. I’m not really trying to rack up the miles now, but instead just get out and enjoy time on the pavement with friends. When I was home last weekend I got in some solo peaceful miles and just took in the nice change of scenery.

IMG_5164.JPG  IMG_5190.JPG

Sundays: Depending on what’s going on Sundays have been rather chill and have enjoyed getting in some yoga or extra rest. Since on Whole30 I’ve been spending time in the kitchen and prepping my meals for the week. Only 9 more days to go!!


Well…Happy Monday ya’ll. More to come on this past weekends adventures, but until then here’s a little motivation for you to jump start the week…


Keep moving forward.


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