Sweatin’ It Out With More Fun Workouts

Back on the training schedule and just having some fun this week.

Before we get into this week’s workouts, I’d like to give a shout out to November Project Baltimore, Stall11, and The Movement Lab as well as many others for getting recognized in this article from Men’s Health, “The Active Man’s Guide to Baltimore.”

Here’s how this week went down….

Monday: 1200m swim + Barre + Bike

Oh boy was that swim a struggle. I was running behind on time so just decided to call it quits after 1200 meters. I didn’t do any particular workout, I just swam. After teaching barre I decided to hop on the trainer again. I did another 15 miles in less time than I rode the first time. Good, right?


Tuesday: Yoga  + Strength

I did this workout that my friend Steph at Burdette Sports Performance sent me. It was a good one!!

Warm Up: 4 Rounds
5 Power Cleans + 5 Walk lunges + 10 Pushes

10:00 on the 1:00
3 Power Cleans + 3 Box Jumps + 3 Burpees

20 minutes AMRAP
6 Clean + Press with Med Ball
3 each side kneeling chops lift
6 each side BB 1 Side DL

Core: 3 Rounds
15 Sit-Ups
15 Flutter Kicks
8 EOs (YouTube so you can get the proper movement)
15 V-Ups

I then played around on the TRX and got in some more core work.


Oh and for all my running friends, Steph recently started doing massages.  You can schedule a session with her for Wednesdays and Fridays at The Salon-that’s about you in Havre de Grace. It’s totally worth the drive to go see her. She does Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Swedish, and Customized. 

I also managed to get in 35 minutes of Yoga on Burnalong. It was an express class with  Dani from Arrow Yoga.

Wednesday: Run + Core

That’s right. Shorts in February in Baltimore. It was almost 70 degrees so I hit the pavement for an easy 4 miles and averaged about an 8:32 pace. I then had a meeting with Ali and Kate from Beachfit before catching the last part of Lori’s Bike & Burn class. I missed the bike, but got in 20 minutes of core BURN.

Thursday: Bike + TRX + Yoga/Stretching

The weather was kind of icky so decided to hit the trainer for a few miles before work. I biked for over an hour which is my longest ride so far. I’m feeling pretty pumped about starting to enjoy being on the bike.

Lately I’ve been interested in learning more about TRX and yoga. My plan is to incorporate these together and have some workshops in the future to help all you runners with your mobility. Let’s face it…we can all use it. Be sure to keep up with Beachfit Baltimore on some schedule/class changes as well as some upcoming events.


Friday: HIIT Workout + Lasik Eye Surgery!!!

Today’s workout was inspired by Andrea Hollander (aka Hollander Fitness).

30 reps of:
Step ups (weight by sides)
Box jumps
Calorie row (400m row)

20 reps of:
Step ups (weights in front rack)
Lateral box jumps (I did step ups)
Calorie row (400m row)

10 reps of:
Kettlebell clean into step up
Burpee box jumps
Calorie row (400m row)

PART 2 (upper body)
30 – 20 – 10
Calories on ski erge (skipped this..no ski erge at Merritt)
Push ups
Alternating bicep curls (each side)

PART 2 (core)
kipping toes to bar (I just did knees up)
dead bug on bosu (each side)
side v-ups (each side)

You can check out some of her other workouts on Instagram.

I’ve had to workout in my glasses for two weeks and it has been super challenging, but I’ve made it work and still continued to sweat it out.

Here’s my flex Friday and last workout in the glasses before Lasik.


That’s right. I got lasik. I’m so excited to toss the glasses and contacts for good. I’ve been wearing contacts since I was freshman in high school and decided it was time.

I’m not sure what workouts I’ll be getting in this weekend post surgery, but I’ll be getting a recap up along with some other fun things I’ve been working on.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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