Weekend Recap and Lasik Update

If you read my last post you know that I underwent Lasik surgery on Friday at Katzen Eye Group in Timonium, Maryland. All went well and recovery is coming along nicely. I think I’ve gotten the most sleep in two days than I’ve had in two weeks.

Here is the rundown because I’m sure some of you are wondering how it went.

Friday – Day of Surgery:

I got up and got in a good workout before I had to leave for the doctors. My surgery was at 9:20am so my sister Marie picked me up around 8:30am so that I could get there a tad early to sign any other paperwork and get checked in.

They took me back to the room around 9:30am so the doctor could double check my eyes again before surgery. This was the first time actually meeting with the eye surgeon, Dr. Katzen so he wanted to take a peek. All looked good so now it was time to numb my eyes and take a happy pill to relax. I also got to wear a sexy net over my head. After all that it was time to go back to the surgery room.

The doctor and staff were all super sweet. He walked me through all of the steps. I wasn’t nervous at all and he was talking to me the entire time to take my mind off it. I didn’t feel a thing. It was kind of freaky when things got all black and I couldn’t see anything, but I knew I was in good hands. It just felt like a lot of pressure on my eye. I could hear the laser, but absolutely no pain.

And…about 10 minutes later I was done. My vision was still a little blurry but aside from that I could SEE!!!!

They walked me back to the room and my sister met me there. I sat with my eyes closed for a bit which is important to help the eyes stay lubricated and heal.

I then moved over the exam room so the doctors could take a look. After a quick exam it was time to go home to sleep.

They gave me these super sexy sunglasses. Hot right?!?!?

Once I got home, I went right to bed as instructed and slept for a solid 3 hours. I woke up, ate something, put more drops in and then actually went right back to bed. I finally woke up around 5:30pm. (oops).

I had to wear the sunglasses indoors and out for 24 hours. My roommates called me cyclops and this is now the photo that pops up on their phones when I call or text.  The other goggles are for when I’m sleeping so I don’t touch or rub my eyes. Also, very stylin I must say.

After sleeping basically all day, my friend Heather stopped over to visit and brought me a London Fog Tea from Atwaters. My roommates were also home so we watched Trolls. . Then it was off to bed to get even more sleep.


Saturday – 1 Day Post Surgery 

I was up pretty early and just relaxed. I made breakfast before my roommate Brigid took me to my follow up appointment. No pain today and I felt pretty good. Dr. Leikin took a look at my eyes and noticed that the flap on my right eye was slightly turned. He assured me that there was no reason to panic and they were just going to fix it. When thinking about it, Friday after waking up from my nap I noticed my right eye feeling a bit weird. I waited about 30 minutes or so for Dr. Lapinsky to get there since Dr. Katzen was out of town.

They basically just numbed my eye and went in to re-adjust the flap. He put in a ton of drops and I could see him moving things around but didn’t feel anything. I was all done in about 20 minutes. They gave me more artificial tears to make sure my eyes stayed lubricated and off we went. I have to go back on Monday to have them remove the lens and make sure everything is healing properly.

We stopped at Starbucks before going home. Since ending Whole30 I was so excited to get a coconut milk latte (extra hot of course). I made lunch and then took a snooze to relax my eyes. Here’s what recovery will look likes:

  1. No eye make up for 5 days (makes getting ready for work just that much easier)
  2. Wear sleeping goggles for 4 days
  3. No rubbing eyes for 30 days
  4. No swimming for 2 weeks (I needed a break anyway)
  5. Take extra pre-caution to not get sweat in the eyes (this is tough)
  6. Drops in both eyes 2-3 times a day for 11 days (could be worse)

It’s hard to not be doing tough workouts, but I am taking advantage of the extra rest because I know my body is appreciating it. I’ve been doing stretches on YogaGlo, yoga on Burnalong and working on the blog. I’ve also been doing some food prep and planning my workouts for the week.


On Saturday night my roommates and I had some fun cocktails!!


Today I made these Salmon Cakes from the Performance Paleo Cookbook by Stupid Easy Paleo. I also plan to make more of those Giddy Up Bites from my Run Fast Eat Slow Cookbook.

     When the rain finally stopped I met friend Heather for a nice walk in Patterson Park to get some fresh air. I got in about  3 miles.


More fun things to come this week.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the week!!


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