Happy Valentine’s Day (a day late)

I’m keeping this one short and sweet. I just wanted to take some time to wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day. Yes I’m a day late, but shouldn’t every day be Valentine’s Day? Whether you celebrated Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day or both I hope you took some time for yourself. I mean we all should have give ourselves the gift of love (everyday).

My roommates and I celebrated Galentine’s Day on Monday with a fancy dinner. Brigid gets all the credit here with the homemade noodles and the clam, mussel and white wine sauce.We had plenty of wine and champagne.

I did, however, make green beans from my Whole30 cookbook. It was green beans with a fig vinaigrette….so delicious. Super easy to make and a recipe I’ll definitely be making again. It’s really the perfect side dish for Spring and Summer.


Oh and then there’s actual Valentine’s Day where you can just treat yo’self. I hit the gym for some weights in the morning. I tried these side lunges to curtsy lunges with the gliders and man am I feeling those glutes today.


And then I enjoyed this beautiful latte before work. I love opening up the Starbucks app and seeing that gold star for a free reward!


   I did some cardio at the gym after work and then home for some dinner and early bedtime.

I devoured this Vegan brownie from Atwater’s that my boyfriend Jon had delivered. There may have been two and I may have eaten them both. (#gladIworkedout)

So….how did you spend this special holiday?

My advice is to love yourself and love yourself more. Take a yoga class, schedule a date with your running shoes, go get a massage (or two), take a bubble bath, splurge on a coffee and chocolate (it’s good for the heart, right?), go to dinner, try a new fitness class, maybe see a movie and have popcorn and just spend time with all of the amazing people in your life. Make this a daily thing and make it a point to tell yourself and others how much you love them. I know I have a hard time telling myself that, but from here on out…it’s going to be…”Good morning Emily…I love you!”

Happy #WCW to each and every one of YOU!!



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