February is for FUN

March…I’ve been waiting for you. Why? Today marks the official start of IronMan Training with RipIt. Woohoo!!! 

Also today I get to share my February recap. If you read my previous post (check it out here) about the challenge that my friend Steph and I did, you know that February’s challenge involved lots of fun quotes. Still inspiring, but ones that made us laugh.

Did you do a challenge this month?

March is going to be for Mantras and Meditation. The goal is to devote more time to meditation. I’ll be talking more about meditation throughout the month and telling you about how it’s helped me.

Jason Williams, aka Charm City PT, is a great resource and offers many mediation workshops throughout the city. He also offers one on one mediation which I highly recommend. Check out his website and follow him on social media for events, workshops and his class schedule.

Follow me on Insight Timer and let’s meditate together.

Take a look at what we shared this month…


One of the weeks the challenge was to send fun poses to one another.

Then we got even more created and added fun sayings to our photos. Steph really out did me on this one. (she kind of outdid me on all the flexible ones)

The final week was sending each other 3 things for each of the following:
Monday: Things you’re proud of (physically)
Tuesday: Things you’re proud of (accomplishment)
Wednesday: Negative things you’re grateful for
Thursday: Positive things you’re grateful for
Friday: Things you could improve upon and why
Saturday: Positive affirmations…”I am…”

We did also spend an entire day doing acro yoga, laughing, and you know typical girl stuff. You can read the full recap here. It was a great day for sure. Yup an entire day of just having fun.  You should try it?

On to March we go…


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