Soaking in the Florida Sun

Happy Monday ya’ll. Hope you all had as much fun this weekend as I did. I was in Florida so I took full advantage of the beach and being outside. It was a busy couple of days and went by way too quickly (as always). Since Jonathan and I only get to see each other about once a month, we take full advantage of our time together.

Friday: Rest Day

We had a lot to get in today so it worked out that it was a rest day. I have been slacking with the stretching and yoga so before breakfast I did a yoga class on YogaGlo with Kathyrn Budig. Her classes are really great and it was the perfect way to start the day.

We also checked out this local place to get gluten-free cupcakes (which were AMAZING) for Jonathan’s mom. I was happy we did because they had a juice bar so I was able to get a shot of wheatgrass.

Jon made appointments for us with Cole at Sports and Spine so that I could get adjusted and have my glute/hamstring worked on. Cole is the best and the staff there is just amazing.

After our appointments we headed to Jon’s parents house in Sarasota and got in some much needed beach time.

The weather was perfect and the beach was amazing…

I packed healthy snacks for lunch including Nuun to stay hydrated.

After the beach, Jon took me to see his parents store, Soto Opticians,  in downtown Sarasota. We also grabbed some cold brew coffee at the local coffee shop which was quite tasty.


His parents made reservations at their favorite local restaurant, Miguels, in Siesta Key. We got a “special” table right by the fire place. I got the salmon with a lemon caper sauce prepared dairy free. We had wine and I stuck with my usual glass of Malbec. They also brought us each a glass of  Licor 43, a Spanish liqueur, for dessert. After dinner, we headed downtown to grab another drink at one of the outside bars.


Saturday: Bike + Run

Saturday morning we got up and went to First Watch for breakfast. I absolutely love this place. I got the Power Quinoa bowl which is quinoa, Italian sausage, crimini mushrooms tomatoes, kale  and then they top it with two over-easy eggs.

Then we were off. Headed back to Fort Myers to pick up my bike from Trek and hit the road for about an hour ride and a 20 minute run. This was my first go at my new speed play pedals. I had a terrible time trying to get clipped in, but finally after 20+ minutes I was able to get the clips to loosen up. I told Jon to just ride ahead because I was getting so angry. I will say at the end of the hour I was ready to get off that bike and move on to the run.


We pretty much were exhausted so decided to just lay low and chill the rest of the night. We both are go-go-go all week long that relaxing on the weekends is much needed and we look forward to the down time.

I devoured more of Jonathan’s walnut crusted pork tenderloin!!!


Sunday: Bike + Run

Mentally I was much better prepared to get back on the bike today and tackle those clips. We headed out to Cape Coral to get in another long ride. We had all the goods packed and hit the road around 8:30am.

It was a challenging ride with lots of wind. Jon cruised along and after he showed me the route, he went ahead and I just did what I could to get in the full 2 hours. After the bike we did a solid 30 minute run. I actually got to meet Jonathan’s Ironman coach, Shaun, and his wife Nadine which was exciting.

I was so hungry after the ride and run that we stopped to get more water and snacks. We also stopped at the local run shop to pick up some Gatorade Endurance and I also scored a pair of Pearl Izumi tri-shorts on sale.  We returned the bike, grabbed Starbucks and Panera and then headed home to recover (aka devour food and lay on the couch).

And since neither of us had any desire to make food, we ordered Dominoes. The gluten-free pizza with no cheese was a WINNER!! And since I didn’t really have any carbs after the ride I didn’t feel bad about eating the entire thing (pretty sure last time I had pizza was last year after the MCM marathon so I was due for a slice, or seven).


It’s always so hard leaving, but the time in between trips flies by. My next visit is planned for April 7. Jonathan and I will be doing the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagle Sprint Triathlon together which I’m pretty pumped about (and a tad nervous too). It’s not easy to find someone who understands the level of commitment with Ironman training (other training too) so I’m grateful Jonathan is on this crazy journey with me. We have big goals ahead of us for 2017 and this is just the start of the incredible journey to tackling 70.3 (140.6 for Jonathan)!!!




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