Everyday We Noodlin’

Happy Friday!!! I’m super excited about this post and to tell you just how much I love my spiralizer. I have been using it more after seeing so many of my good friends posting all of their amazing recipes.


Check out some of these recipes from BMOREtoned.

I’ll be honest I haven’t experimented too much and have stuck to the basics of zucchini and sweet potatoes. I recently tried beets which aside from being extremely messy, turned out to be a success. I typically keep it simple and just saute the zucchini in some coconut oil with chicken sausage (Bilinski’s Cilantro Lime is my new favorite) and then top with avocado and an over-easy egg (oh and don’t forget a touch of hot sauce).

I did experiment with a recipe from NomNom Paleo. You can check it here. It was spiralized sweet potatoes with bacon and onion. I ate it for breakfast and then added in eggs for more protein.


These noodles are good for any meal. Try adding bacon, kale, avocado and an over-easy egg for the perfect breakfast dish.

Photo by Annie Truax

My next recipe to try is this Salmon Red Coconut Curry with Turnip Noodles

Photo by Annie Truax

Now I know what you’re thinking…where on earth can I purchase one of these amazing things. Well…you can find on Amazon or stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Target.

You’ll also want to follow Ali Maffucci (AKA inspiralized) on InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest and she even has a blog.

Time to get your noodle on!!!

Have fun and share your recipes with me!!!


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