Week 2 of Training + Vacation Update

Here’s the deal. Week 2 of Ironman training is underway and this may be my last post before I depart for Nicaragua. Not sure if I told you that, but yes I’m departing to Nicaragua for a yoga retreat. I leave Friday, March 10 and don’t return until March 18. An entire week of yoga, healthy food, the beach, massages, surfing and NO TECHNOLOGY. I’m not buying any international plans so I can use this time to recharge, catch up on some reading and not be distracted with emails, social media, texts, etc. I know you’ll miss me,but it’s only a week and when I get back there will be full recaps of the week long adventures.

I’m still early on in the training so just working on building my base.

Week 1:

Wednesday, March 1: 3 mile run (treadmill since I was still in AZ for work)

Thursday, March 2: 1400 meters (easy) + Teach TRX (plus some foam rolling)

Friday, March 3: REST DAY!!!
(taught bootcamp at Beachfit but kept it light)

If you read my last post (details here) you saw this new recipe that I tried.


 Saturday, March 4: 7 miles with Steph on the trails (she did 20 so I ran with her for the last 7)

After the run I headed to PA to visit family and go to the Hershey Bears hockey game. We had a blast and it was a good night out with the fam.

Sunday, March 5:
 1,646 meter swim

I met up with my coach, Danny, to go over some technique at Supreme Sports in Columbia so decided to knock out my swim today instead of bike and enjoy the hot tub. Quick shower and then I was off to meet up with Shawn and Kelly at Atwater’s to chat more about Nicaragua.


Week 2 here we go!!!

45 min bike
PM: Teach Barre + Teach Bootcamp

I tried this new band workout after we did the circuit in bootcamp and loved it. If you try it, let me know what you think.

AM: 45 minute Bike
PM: 50 minutes of Yoga
(loving my new tri kit from RipIt!!!)

1,600 meter swim
PM: 5.05 mile run with Julie
(+ finish packing)


Thursday: 1,508 meter swim + Teach TRX

Friday: Travel to Nicaragua!!!


That’s it for now! Nothing on the training calendar for next week aside from yoga. I may try and get in a beach run, but not stressing over trying to get in workouts. I’m honestly looking forward to time on my mat to recharge, focus on my intentions for 2017, and come back to my center…to my purpose.

See you on the 18th!

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson


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