Let the journey begin. Here I am Friday, March 10 starting to document my first yoga retreat adventure to Nicaragua. I’m currently sitting in a small cafe at the Miami airport sipping a soy latte. Let the journey begin of what is going to be an amazing week.


Since this is a yoga retreat I basically packed sun dresses, beach attire and most importantly yoga clothes. I also made sure to pack plenty of snacks and reading material. I’m actually excited to catch up on reading and focusing on my goals for Ironman Training so I packed my Compete Training Journal to write out the 2017 season.


I ended up switching my flights last week and decided to fly American Airlines out of BWI instead of Dulles. I had a 6am flight so headed to the airport super early to make sure I had enough time. I normally am the one getting to the gate just in time, but since I never fly American I figured I wouldn’t risk it. The airport was dead and since I will not working out today, I decided to go for a stroll around the terminals and got in 3.10 miles all before 5am.

My flight departed for Miami right at 6am and I arrived in Miami around 8:30am. I walked to find a good spot to grab coffee and stumbled upon this little book cafe. I got a soy latte and a cup of hot water for my oatmeal that I had packed (if you ever travel with me you know how much I love my snacks).

My flight out of Miami departs at 11:30am to Nicaragua. When I arrive there I’ll wait for Shawn and Kelly so we can head to our hotel together. We really set no plans for the week aside from our daily yoga and adventures that were planned by Jodi and Meaghan.


Off I go!!!!!

Look for more posts this week.


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