Nicaragua Part 2: Volcano Boarding

And the journey continues….

Tuesday, March 14: Volcano Day (#epic)

Another 5:15am wake up call. Today was going to be a long day since were headed to Leon and then off to Volcano board around 9:30am. I honestly had not looked up the exact definition of volcano boarding and had no idea what I was getting into. Apparently it is a pretty dangerous (and fun thing) you are supposed to do before you die. Well I’m glad I can cross that off my list.

We all did the usual first breakfast around 5:30am (coffee, banana, granola, chia seeds and peanut butter).


We then hit the beach around 6am for a quick walk before yoga. Nothing beats a morning stroll on the beach watching the surfers, waves and sun peak through the clouds. We typically did about a 20 minute walk out and then turned around.

7:30-8:30: Jodi led the morning yoga session today and got us moving before we had to be sitting in a van for an hour or so.

8:30am- Second breakfast (this was probably one of my favorites from the week)

9:30am – we all hopped in the van to head to Leon which was about an hour drive. Dave was the passport man and collected all of our passports.


We had to meet at the Hostel for Volcano boarding around 1pm so we didn’t have a ton of time to wander. We stopped at the Cathedral

…walked around the market before heading off to lunch. Check out those avocados!!!

We went to  Pan & Paz, a local french sandwich shop. Nicaragua is super cheap. The four of us ate for $15. We got 2 salads, 2 green teas, a sandwich and a large coffee.

Kelly and I also decided to hit up the juice bar to grab more fuel for this hike we were about to go on. This Pitaya smoothies was about $3.00!!

We browsed around a little bit and I went into the local surf shop while everyone got ice cream. Apparently this Kiss Me place has THE BEST ice cream!!!

We met at the Hostel at 1pm to get instructions and head to Cerro Negro to volcano board.

Here are some facts:

  • Volcano boarding was created by Australian thrill seeker, Daryn Webb, Bigfoot Hostel’s original owner. After Daryn opened Bigfoot in 2004, he began to cultivate the sport.
  • Daryn and his crew endured a fair share of trial and error, testing everything from picnic tables to mattresses until they arrived to a sit-down, wooden toboggan, made of metal and Formica-reinforced plywood.
  • Volcano boarding was a world first. León became the only place in the world you could slide down the side of an active volcano. By 2009, Bigfoot Volcano Boarding sent 10,000 boarders down Cerro Negro. Today, over 25,000 people have sled down its slope at up to 95km/hr!

Into the people mover we went…

It was a very interesting (and bumpy) ride.

We stopped at the park to pay $5 so that we could enter. We paid, signed the guest book, hit the bano, and back into the people mover. This time, however, the people mover wasn’t moving. It broke down. Now what? We decided to start hiking towards the volcano. Nothing wrong with a few extra steps right?

We got our backpacks, goggles and boards and off we went.


I set my garmin and it was about a 1.50 mile hike to the top. We took 3 stops along the way and grabbed some photos.

Here is a photo from the top. Right behind me is one of the craters. When you moved away the first layer of ash, you could feel the heat from the volcano underneath…kind of crazy.

IMG_7481download (1)download

And then it was time to descend. So badass.


They had a guy with a speedgun at the  bottom. I went about 20kph.


I had so much dirt everywhere. After everyone made it down, we headed back to Leon. After beers and cookies of course. I actually didn’t have a cookie but an energy bite that the resort packed us.

We headed back to Leon on the people mover. There were mojitos there waiting for us. Britta crushed it and beat the record for the day with 80 kph. I got my picture with Archie (he was our guide for the day)

Luckily I packed some face wipes. This will give you an idea of how much dirt we were covered in.


We boarded the vans and back to El Coco Loco we went. We didn’t get back till around 9pm and they had some squash and veggie chili waiting for us.

IMG_7122 (1)

Crazy long day, but totally worth it.

“Take every risk…drop every fear”


(next post will include our volunteer work, more beach time, salsa night and more)

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