Nicaragua Part 3: More Food, More Yoga

Home stretch. This is the last of the recap from the yoga retreat. Let’s get to it.

Wednesday, March 15: Resort Day

As you know, Tuesday was an extremely long and exhausting day so today was just another day to relax. And by relax I mean a run, more yoga and some core work.

5:30am: You should know by now that there is no such thing as sleeping in. We got up early and had our first breakfast. I’m not sure how I managed to not get a picture today, but breakfast was the usual granola, banana, peanut butter combo.

We headed to the beach to get in a run before yoga. This was the only day I ran with sneakers. The other days I went barefoot.


8-9:15am: Yoga was this Jodi this morning. Today’s intention was fire and we did lots of core work. She also asked us to think of 3 things about ourselves that we were grateful for.

Mine were:
my body, my strength and my ability to trust

Off to second breakfast. Yay for more plantains (and coffee)!!!


Off to the beach for the morning and then the pool!!!


Lunch time….this lentil soup was so good. I didn’t have the caprese sandwich but snatch a picture because it looked so incredibly yummy.


We had down time before dinner. So I sat by the pool and then took a little afternoon cat nap in the hammock.

4pm: We did restorative yoga with Meaghan. Again focusing on stretching out our hips and shoulders.

Before dinner we headed to the beach to play and watch the sunset. I’ve been working on handstands so I took advantaged of the beach in order to get in more practice.

Once the sun set we headed back up to have dinner. TACO Wednesday, that’s a thing right?

We had margaritas too. The dessert tonight was a raw carrot cake. So good!!

9:30: BED

Thursday, March 16 : Arm Balance Workshop / Waves of Hope

Yes, you guessed it. Another 5:30am wake up. The homemade bread was so good that I had to eat it. Today I topped it with a little peanut butter and had it with my coffee (of course).


We all decided to take a nice stroll on the beach. Normally we got in about 40 minutes or so.

We also found a palm tree perfect for chaturanga pushups.


7:30am-9:30am: Today was a big day. We had an arm balance workshop. We did a nice 20 minute flow and then had plenty of time to work on inversions that we had been working on. This was probably one of my favorite yoga classes we did during the week.


10am: Breakfast. I totally forgot about this chia pudding. I lied when I said the fried eggs were my favorite. This chia pudding was on point. I had a small serving to start and then went back for seconds. I topped it with nuts, raisins and the homemade peanut butter.

Post breakfast we had some time to chill before lunch and our volunteer opportunity with Waves of Hope. I opted for the fish ceviche. The rice also had the white pineapple mixed in which was quite tasty.

1:30pm-4pm: Post lunch, Jamie, one of the owners, gave us some history on Waves of Hope and talked more about the impact that they’ve made since starting Coco Loco.

The people mover picked us up around 2pm and we headed to the local school to volunteer. I spent the time helping to prime the wall so it could be re-painted. Others in the group spent time in music class, dance class and interacting with the kids.

4:30-5:30pm: When we returned, we changed and got ready for evening restorative yoga. I’m so incredibly grateful for this group of amazing, strong, and inspiring ladies.

IMG_7313 (1)

After yoga we got showered and ready for dinner. I actually put on real clothes (sort of) since we were heading out on the town. Shawn brought flash tatts so we got our cocktails and got all fancy.


The appetizers were these mini spring rolls. I’m pretty sure I could’ve eaten these for the actual meal.


Dinner was chicken Pad Thai. Of course dessert is always the best part. Raw, vegan brownie with non-dairy ice cream!!!!

8-11pm: Salsa Night. We went to the local bar where every Thursday they do Salsa night. We got in lots of dancing with the locals and learned some new zumba moves. Britta, Brooke and Dave even got interviewed.


10:30pm: Home and in bed!!!

Friday, March 17: Resort Day

How is it Friday already?!?! Where did the week go? So sad that today is our last day at El Coco Loco.

5:30am: Early wake up to grab first breakfast before a run on the beach and watching everyone surf. I got fancy with the toast today and took advantage of the last day of this amazing bread, granola and peanut butter (coffee too).


Time to hit the beach. 3.60 beautiful sunny miles. #sportsbrasquad


9am-10:15am: Meaghan led this mornings yoga and we did some fun variations.

Before second breakfast, I wrote some things down in my Compete Training Journal that I brought along to write down all the workouts that I did throughout the week.


10:30am: Second breakfast time. Gluten free, dairy free burrito with moringa juice. I never heard of moringa until this trip. Apparently it is the new ‘superfood’. I found an article that talks more about it in more detail and all the healthy benefits. You can check it out here.

11-12pm: After breakfast I went to my massage with Kathia. It was such a great way to end the week and I think I had less knots this time. Still painful, but very much needed.

After the massage I just chilled by the pool before lunch to catch some sun.

Lunch time…..I opted for the quinoa burgers. There was also plantain chips and a watermelon salad.


Back to the pool for naps before our last evening yoga class.

4:30pm: It was a very chill flow tonight, about 30 minutes, and then we spent some time reflecting on the week. It was so good to chat about what we learned and the things we gained from the time at El Coco Loco.

One last sunset with everyone and then dinner time…

Lettuce wraps as appetizers.


Dinner was fish tropical.

I don’t think I posted a picture of the hot sauce we ate all week. So so good.


We had two options for dessert. Either a raw cheesecake or the raw brownie from the other night. I opted for the raw brownie, but tried the cheesecake and it also amazing.

 Ben was there to close out our tabs for the week. It was all on an honor system and we just marked down what we bought and how much we drank throughout the course of the week.


The pets were pretty wiped out too from a long week which meant it was time for me to go to bed and finish packing. Lights out around 9:30pm.


Saturday, March 18: Back to Baltimore

Such a sad day to be leaving El Coco Loco and the beach. I’m really going to miss this beautiful space.

I woke up around 5:30am to get in breakfast and be all set to leave around 7am for the airport. I made sure to eat plenty since it would be a while before we would get to eat lunch. I had coffee, fresh fruit and some granola with bananas, and peanut butter.


I also picked up the granola that I purchased. I’m so happy it has the recipe on it so that I can try to re-create it. I am actually baking a batch now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

download (2)

All packed and ready to go.


We hopped in the vans around 7am and off to Managua we went. We arrived around 10:30am and went through the security process.

I had a goMacro bar as a snack along with some plantain chips. There were really no options once we got to our gate so I figured I’d wait until we got to Miami. We departed Managua around 2pm and landed in Miami around 6ish (due to daylight savings time we lost an hour). After landing it was time to go through all the passport stuff. I grabbed food and headed to my gate.

I grabbed a veggie salad and banana. I also had protein powder packed so had that too.


Our flight out of Miami was delayed so we didn’t end up boarding  until 9pm. It was an incredibly long day and finally got home around 1am. It felt good to be home, but I will definitely be missing Nicaragua and the amazing time spent with a great community of yogis. Until next time…



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