April…You’re Off To A Great Start

Happy April everyone. I still am trying to figure out where March went, but I’m excited about these next couple of months and kicking off the 2017 racing season. This past weekend was a blast and I finally found a few minutes to get up a quick recap of an amazing start to April.

Friday: REST DAY

I actually took a full day of rest and got some cooking done. I made the Butternut Squash Lasagna…again because it’s THAT good.

Saturday: 1 Hour Bike


I got up early and hopped on the trainer. I’m such a morning person so I love knocking it out of the way first thing.  I actually thought I only had 45 minutes to do and then realized I actually had an hour. What’s 15 more minutes right? It actually went by pretty quick.

I stretched, made sure I had all my stuff together for the race, ate and then it was time for Julie and I to head to D.C.

We got to packet pick up around 2:30ish. It was pretty easy to get parked, pick up our bibs and walk around the expo.

I spotted Picky Bars so of course I had to stock up. Julie got some too and we snacked on them while at the expo.


We grabbed some photos too…


We were staying with her friend Erica so after finding parking we walked to a little coffee shop that was just the cutest.

We hung out the rest of the afternoon before walking to dinner. We had reservations at a place called Piola. I got the Machu Picchu salad which was sautéed chicken breast, quinoa, arugula, black pitted olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil and I added some avocado.


When we got back I set out all of my race stuff for the morning.


Sunday: Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

6am: Wake Up

6:30am: No pictures but I ate a banana and a Munk Fruit Oatmeal squeeze (chugged some water too). I love the Blueberry Acai with Flax. You can buy them in the grocery store or on Amazon.


6:45am: Out the door and into Erica’s little Fiat. She agreed to drive us so we didn’t have to walk or take an Uber.

IMG_7688 (1)

It was already hoppin when we got there…


Even ran into some people from my ASA and RipIt family!!!


Bag check, photos and then start line…

I also ran into a friend from high school…Katie and I played field hockey, basketball and ran track together.  I was so happy to see her. Her sister was running too, but Molly is way fast so she was at the front of the pack.


And we were off around 7:35am


Going into the race I had no goal pace or time that I wanted to run. I was solely going to run on feel and just see how it went considering I haven’t run a ton of miles this year compared to last year at this time.

I felt good and kept with the 7:30-7:45 pace. I only looked at my watch at the mile markers and never felt like I really needed to slow down. Legs felt fine and my hamstring/glute didn’t seem to be an issue. I took a Huma gel around mile 2 at the first water stop (because I forgot to take it at the start). They had water and Gatorade every 2 miles so I made sure to stop and hydrate at each one. I alternated between water and Gatorade.

The course was similar to the back half of the Marine Corps Marathon which I did with Julie in 2015. Side note: That’s actually how we met. We met on a Saturday NP group training run and then trained that entire summer together. We’ve been BFF’s ever since and am so incredibly grateful for her.

The course was beautiful and all of the blossoms where out which made it even better. Lots of great cheer stations to make the miles go by quick. I was so happy to see the November Project Cheer station around mile 9. I saw a poop sign and balloons and a bunch of people cheering. I gave everyone High-5’s and that pushed me through the finish.

Official Results:


I grabbed my finisher medal, water and a banana before meeting up with Molly, Katie and Julie.


We grabbed more finisher photos before walking to grab an Uber.

Boom…first race in the books!!

Julie and I headed back to Erica’s to change and then head home to go to the EmporiYUM.

We grabbed Atwater’s once back in the city, Julie dropped me off so I could shower and change and then I picked her up in an Uber around 12:30pm.

In line ready to eat (and drink).


Off we went….


This is my first time here and I was super pumped to eat and drink from local vendors.

We tasted a little bit of everything….

I bought some of these plantain chips too from amazi.


Another vendor I loved was Swapples. They make these plant based waffles that are paleo, gluten and dairy free. They are actually made from yuca. Yuca has so many benefits and you can read more about them here.

We got mimosas of course!!

and since I was super hungry I got a Sushi Buredo. Marie got the Sofie and I got the Elle.

Here are a few other things I tried…

One of our friends even got this…YUMMMMM!!!


The rest of the day/night was filled with food prep, foam rolling, and preparing for the week!!

Who’s out running and racing this month?


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