April…You Are Flying By

I’m pretty sure April has flown by considering we are heading into the final week. Not sure where it went, but hey…I’m ready for warm weather, beaches and summer. Good news with warmer weather means I can get the bike outside which is plan for this upcoming weekend for my 20  mile ride.

Monday: 2150 Meter Swim
I’m not sure about the Easy Peasy, but that’s what my coach called it so that’s what I named it. I’ve been getting better with programming my workouts into the watch. Although even with the watch sometimes I end up swimming extra because I just can’t count apparently. Today I swam an extra 100…oops.


Tuesday: 1 Hour Bike

The bike wasn’t supposed to be an hour, but did some intervals and I’m weird about numbers on my watch so when I got to 53 minutes I figured what’s 7 more…right?!?!

I also hit up Trader Joe’s and stocked up on some food for the rest of the week and weekend.


Wednesday: 40ish minute run (4.95 Miles)
I love these morning runs this time of year…just perfect.

November Project (1.94 Miles)

MY FAVORITE workout of all time…the telephone workout. #selfiegamestrong

Fine looking 6:30am crew!!


Body Pump

Thursday: 2000 Meter Swim (15x100m) + TRX

Friday: REST DAY

Exciting news….the wetsuit came. I’ve heard great things about blueseventy so fingers crossed this one fits.


I have a big weekend planned including a 20 mile bike (hopefully outside!) and my first race with ASA (Columbia Half Marathon). I’ll be posting a full race recap after the weekend and talk more about Athletes Serving Athletes. If you are interested in making a donation, you can visit my fundraising page here. Your contribution will help get an athlete across the finish line this year.  This truly is an amazing organization and any donation is greatly appreciated.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend or getting in some training runs (and rides)! Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!


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