Weekend Recap and Random Things

Happy Monday everyone. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and got in some great workouts. Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold up to get the bike outside on Saturday so had to settle for 20 miles on the cycleops. Oh and it basically felt like I was riding in the rain by the time I was done.

It was then off to CPR training for the rest of the morning. My Hungry Harvest came too and got some good things to use in my weekly food prep. This is the best way to get local produce for a great price. Definitely check it out and refer your friends cause then you’ll get a discount 🙂


Was starving after CPR so hit up Pure Raw Juice for some smoothie bowl goodness.


Then home to watch Ironman Texas and cheer on my friend Mackenzie from afar. She had an amazing day and finished 7 in her age group, 85 among females and 440 overall…oh and this was her first 140.6. Finishing time was 11:15:29. So incredibly proud of her!!!

I also did some food prep which consisted of the following:

Egg Whites
Ground Turkey
Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies (from RunFastEatSlow Cookbook)
Recovery Quinoa Salad (from RunFastEatSlow Cookbook)
Protein Bites (dates, cocoa, mixed nuts, chia seeds, coconut, protein powder)
Not pictured: broccoli, mahi-mahi, spaghetti squash, beets and fresh pineapple

I also tried out this new almond milk yogurt from WholeFoods. I’ve been craving yogurt lately with fruit and topped with some granola. Anyone else every try it? It was super tasty!!


Now after being extremely exhausted it was time for bed since Sunday is the Columbia Half Marathon with Athletes Serving Athletes. I’ll be getting a race recap up shortly so be sure to check back this week!

Weekly Total:
Swim: 4050 meters
Bike: 36.45 miles
Run: 19.89 miles (including Columbia Half)
Cross Training: ~3 hours

Side note…who hit up the Farmer’s Market this weekend? I’m so excited it’s that time of year again!!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. hillarygras says:

    I went! Nice to be back:) not Micah there yet but some new vendors which was cool. Bought all the kale!

    What size harvest is that? I might check this thing out! Much more my style than traditional CSA

    Liked by 1 person

    1. hillarygras says:

      Not much there***


    2. I have the mini harvest. One thing I love is that you can change your dates of delivery at anytime. I was away one week so pushed it to the following week. You can also add other items to the harvest each week!!!


      1. Hillary Gras says:

        Fantastic – thanks for the info 🙂


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