If you follow me on social media you probably know that I spent the weekend in the Big Apple cheering on my sister in the Shape Women’s Half Marathon. Disclaimer – I did not run the race, but I’m writing a recap anyway because well….it was a glorious sub 2:10 PR kind of day and I want to write about it.

So…here we go.


My sister picked me up and we hit the road to Metro Park where we hopped the train into Penn Station. Bags packed and ready to go!!

After arriving in the city…we grabbed an Uber (some selfies) and headed to the hotel.

We stayed at Dream Midtown on W 55th Street which was super close to the park. Love this giant fish tank in the middle of the lobby.


We walked to NYRR (New York Road Runners) to get Marie’s packet and then go to the park before grabbing dinner. I made sure to grab a million photos.


After walking and exploring a bit it was time for food. We decided for Freshark. Anyone ever been? So many incredibly healthy, yummy choices. I got a salad and Marie got a salmon bowl. We also got these little protein bites for after the race.

We watched the first two period of the Penguins/Capitals game and then headed to bed.

Sunday: RACE DAY!!!!

Marie needed coffee so I walked across the street to Starbucks. Americano for me and iced coffee with half/half for Marie.

Obligatory elevator photo…


We walked to the start of the race which was in Central Park, did some stretching and grab some pre-race photos.

I’m so happy I ran into Britta at the start.

 In her coral and ready to rock.


I had to do 5 miles and the park was still open so I ran along the course so I could watch all of the runners and see my friends.

It’s sometimes hard spectating and not running, but I admit, this time was different. I had A BLAST!!!

I spotted Britta around mile 1. She was easy to spot with her neon tank. Unlike Marie who wore the same color as the race premium…the neon socks helped though.

Pretty much freaked out when I saw her the first time. Grabbed photos and then I immediately darted across the park to catch her again.

So while I was running and tracking her I had some fun in the park.

I asked this random girl if I could taker her photo because I loved her sign so much.


About 1:16 into the race the lead runner, Deena Kastor, was approaching the finish line. This was her 4th consecutive win. Incredible!!

I love this quote from her,
“Take the challenge & dropkick it in the face if you need to!”

After that, I waited to spot Marie again. This photo might just be my favorite from the whole trip. #nailedit

By the time I got back to the finish to see her cross the finish line I had about 6.5 miles (sorry Coach…it was for a good cause)

And she made it!!!


A big PR!!! 2:06:06

#Proudsister moment

Congrats to Britta and Angela who also had great races!!!


Basically the only thing on our minds at this point was FOOD. On the walk back to the hotel we stopped at Fresh & Co NYC. I got the smashed avocado toast on gluten free bread with a hard boiled egg. (#delish!!!!)

After chowing down, charging our devices we ubered back to Penn Station.

Starbucks pit stop of course at one of the rest stops.


…still smiling from ear to ear after watching this girl get a PR. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere and so glad I was there supporting her. She has supported me in my running these past few years so being able be a solo #cheersquad for the day made for an incredible day. She’ll be guest posting on the blog soon (holding you to it Marie) so check back to read more about how running has made an impact in her life.


What motivates you…to run, to tri, to sweat every day?

Remember…you all have a gift that enables you to rise up, start fresh and see the bright opportunity in each new day!



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  1. charles hazlett says:

    family time is very important…sibling time is aweSome and priceless!!…what a great post!!…congrats to both of you!!…..

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