Getting That Perfect Fit

CONFESSION: I’m starting to get the hang of this bike thing (well…at least I’d like to think so). The bike (and triathlons in general) are all new to me and it’s taking some getting used to. It’s not like running. You can’t just get up, lace up the sneaks and walk out your front door. There are so many logistics and mechanical things that come along with biking. Pumping up the tires, having lights, greasing up your shoes, and most importantly having the proper bike fit. This all adds major complexity and sometimes drives me nuts. And yes…you have to make sure your bike actually fits and I don’t just mean raising or lowering the seat. I mentioned in my last post (check it out here) that I had my first ever bike fitting for my road bike.

My coach Suzy Serpico (RipIt Coaching) suggested going to Princeton Sports in Columbia to meet with Mike Stone (aka Stoney). Stoney has done about 967 bike fits so I’d say he’s very much an expert. He has a really good reputation with being “the best” when it comes to bike fits in this area.

After arriving at the bike shop, we got the bike all set up and got right to work.


Stoney used the 3D Body Geometry Bike Fit. This method was developed by Dr. Andy Pruitt from the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, and includes a full physical assessment to measure and record each rider’s body structure, range of motion strengths & limits, and unique needs.

The fitting started with a series of tests and measurements in order to get the correct data which would help get the bike exactly where it needed to be for riding. This not only will help with speed and power, but will help reduce injury which is key.

Some of the things I would have never even thought about. Like ischial tuberosity width which helps determine the best saddle fit or IT band tightness or hip ROM and even the length of your femur.

I got new inserts for my shoes and added these orange pads to help with my knee alignment while riding. Both have made a huge difference while riding.


After a solid 2.5 hours we finally had the bike where we wanted it.


Here are some of the photos from the initial and final fit.

I could not be more thrilled about this bike fit and the final results. This was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Thank you Princeton Sports and Mike for helping make this whole bike thing that much easier.



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