Week 10: Single Digits Till Columbia Tri

Happy Monday. Week 10 is in the books and I have my first olympic distance triathlon in T-6 days. (umm…panic MODE!!) But…WE GOT THIS!!

I’m going to try something new this week and start sharing my intentions that I write each week in my Believe Training Journal. As much as I love having all of my workouts online, I still love to write things down and have it physically in front of me. I figured if I start sharing them it will hold me accountable and I’ll stick too them.

My focus for the week: fueling for workouts and making notes on how I feel pre and post workout.

Monday: 2100 Meter Swim + Taught Barre

Swam in the wetsuit this week!!!

I also met up with the RipIt Team to talk about nutrition/hydration. I’m working on getting a post up talking about some of the things I learned and what works for me. This will also help me document what I do so that I can share it. You see…keeping myself accountable and remembering what/when I eat during training.

Tuesday: 13.51 Mile Bike

Wednesday: 5.90 Mile Run + 1.43 Miles @ November Project

I went to NP today because they were announcing the NEW co-leader since Pat was stepping down  into #np_retirement). You can check out the Pat’s retirement remarks on the blog post here. Extremely happy for Kayode as he is taking over and joining Emily and Nick as leaders. Love this tribe, this community and everything that NP has brought to Charm City. #ImHappyYoureHere

If you don’t believe me when I tell you that November Project will change your life…#justshowup and see for yourself.

Thursday: 2050 Meter Swim + Taught TRX

Friday: REST DAY (did easy yoga class on YogaGlo)

A night out on the town for Marie’s Birthday!!!

Saturday: 5.05 Mile Run with Julie + Taught TRX


I normally don’t eat yogurt because I’m lactose intolerant, but had a craving for some reason. When I was grabbing food for the week I picked up some plain almond milk yogurt. I topped with blueberries, bananas, chia seeds, coconut flakes and a drop of almond butter.


Sunday: Brick (15.93 Mile Bike + 1.87 Mile Run)

Because it was Mother’s Day I headed to PA to visit with family and have a cookout. We also had salmon, mac & cheese, caesar salad, old bay sweet potatoes, and angel food cake with strawberries.


We also got a chocolate cake for Marie’s Birthday!! (NOTE – she is not 18 but these are the only candles we had)


These weekends go by way too fast. Although…it’s going to be an exciting week ahead because Jonathan (the BF for those of you new to the blog) will be in town on Thursday so I have some fun things planned for us! By fun I mean…working out, O’s game, my cousin’s wedding and the Columbia Tri.

Week 10…DONE.

Swim: 4150 Meters
Bike: 29.44 Miles
Run:  14.25 Miles 
Cross Training:
3 Hours

Bring it Columbia!!


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