Hello June

It’s JUNE!! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for summer. Things have just been OK over here. The struggle is real with not running as much mileage as I have in the past. I’m kind of having a hard time with it, BUT I keep telling myself it’s okay. The goals for 2017 are much different than previous years and it’s not about busting out any half marathon PR’s or running a million races…the goals have shifted which is taking some adjusting and learning. I’m trusting this process and becoming more excited for this road ahead. Only 97 more days until IM Lake Placid 70.3.

Call me crazy, but I LOVE TRAINING. I love the training cycle, I love the consistency, I love the countless hours of work and preparation (oh and I love the pain too – sometimes). I just love it and it makes me extremely happy.  Watching the transformation throughout the training cycle is the most exciting. Then on race day you see it all unfold. Cheers to a new month of training…BRING IT JUNE!!

Monday: Memorial Day

TRX + 2100 Meter Swim

I taught a special class at Beachfit and had a great group of ladies. I did some new moves to mix things up a bit and it was a success (and a real burner)!!

After teaching I met Steph at the pool for a little lap swimming.

We hit up Panera for coffee, lunch and lots of catching up. We mainly chatted about all things fitness, our workouts and training. Steph is doing Bryce Canyon 50 Miler on HER BIRTHDAY which is 2 weeks aways (her hubby Matt is doing the 100 miler!!!).


Tuesday: Track Workout (5.08 miles) + 75 Minutes Hot Yoga

So happy I can get back to the track now. I needed to mix things up so asked Coach Suzy if I could do speedwork on Tuesdays and move my bike to Wednesdays. She was cool with it.

The Workout:
800m warm up
400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400
took 60 seconds between each + 90 seconds after the 1600
800m cool down


I also went to visit Mary at TrueSports in Fells to get some dry needling done on the hamstring/glute. It’s feeling good but want to keep up with maintenance so it doesn’t come back.


Wednesday: 50 Minute Bike – Intervals (14.30 miles)

Thursday: 30 Minutes Strength + 2000 Meter Swim + Teach TRX

30 BB squats (65lbs)
30 BB lunges
30 hanging leg raises
15 woodchops, 15 single arm cable rows, 15 oblique cable twists
Repeated this for 20 and then 15 reps (75lbs)

I also love that my refrigerator has be re-stocked with Gundalow to fuel me through these morning workouts. That jalapeño kick tho!!!


It was also First Thursday at Canton Waterfront so I met up with the NP Crew. (Yup…still in workout clothes.)


Friday: Rest (90 Minutes Hot Yoga)
FYI – if you haven’t taken Keith’s class at YogaWorks…you need to. SO HARD.

Saturday: 6.14 Mile Run + BeachBurn (barre) + 90 Minutes Yoga

It was so nice to get up and have just an easy run. Weather was perfect and ran along the promenade. I also enjoy NOT running with music as I find it so peaceful to just take in everything around me.

These new Nike Zoom Elites were AMAZING!!! First time ever running in Nikes so a HUGE win.

Since no one showed up to TRX I decided to take Beach Burn which is a barre bootcamp. Such great moves all focusing on the booty and core which is always a plus.


Then it was off to Hot Yoga. These muscles needed lots of stretching and thank goodness Amanda did lots of hamstring stretching. My body was Oh-So thankful.

Sunday: Bike – 25.08 Miles

No Brick today, but they start back up next week. I went to the Princeton Sports ride in Columbia and rode those dreaded hills again. Good news…made some new bike friends, no curse words and no negative thoughts towards the bike…Today was a WIN!!!

The rest of the day consisted of the pool, errands, blogging and prepping for the busy week ahead…


Total for Week 13:
Swim: 4100 Meters
Bike: 39.11 Miles
Run: 11.22 Miles
255 Minutes
Strength: 175 Minutes

Have you pledge to run on Global Running Day on Wednesday, June 7? 

Have a great week and I hope your June is off to a great start!


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