All Things Hydration (& Nutrition)

Happy Thursday! I just want to say that it was great seeing everyone’s photos for #GlobalRunningDay!! I hope you took advantage and joined the amazing run community to log some miles.

I did a brick workout which was 17.25 miles on the bike +  a little 2 mile run!!

As promised in one of my earlier posts I promised I’d write about nutrition and some of the things that I like to use. Keep in my mind a lot of what I found that works for me was through trial and error. And even after 7+ years of doing this, I’m still learning and figuring out the best plan. The Ironman distance is new to me so this year I’m focusing on fueling for each component and coming up with a good race-day plan. Everyone’s bodies react differently so you have to simply try it and if it works…stick with it.

Hydration is key for pre and post workout for many reasons. Remember your muscles are 75% water so the more you hydrate the quicker your muscles will recovery and be ready for your next workout. Read this blog post by Nuun which talks more about hydration and recovery.

Nuun also posted this chart which is super helpful. It gives you an idea of what you should eat/drink and when post workout.



I LOVE NUUN and became an ambassador for them this year. I’ve been training with new for a few years and have stuck with it because it works for me. I use is for regular hydration on days leading up to the race, during the race and for long runs. They recently came out with Nuun Endurance. I have the orange mango and use it for long rides or brick workouts.

Favorite flavors: Strawberry Lemonade and Watermelon


I first got introduced to this last year when I was training with Sandra (IRunTons) for Chicago Marathon. This stuff is great because it has no flavor and you can mix it with Gatorade, Nuun or with just plain water. Hence the name…it’s basically liquid carbs so if you hate GUs (like I sometimes do) this is perfect!



I’m recently new to the Tailwind and I must say I like it a lot. My friend Steph uses it and introduced me to it. It works similar to Carbo-Pro, but is flavored and some of the flavors have caffeine. I like the berry and the lemon is also pretty tasty. One scoop is about 100 calories so typically I try and do 2 scoops.


Coconut Water 
Coconut water naturally supports hydration with 5 electrolytes. If you don’t eat bananas this is a perfect way to get your potassium post workout. Drinking 8 ounces of coconut water has as much potassium as a small banana. Try adding the coconut water to you favorite smoothie instead of water. (Hint: pairs great with the Mocha VegaSport performance protein powder)

And remember that you can also eat your water too. These foods make it easy to up your H2O intake.
1 cup of chicken noodle soup = 8 oz.
1 cup cooked sliced zucchini = 6 oz.
1 medium apple = 6 oz.
1 cup cantaloupe cubes = 5 oz.
1 cup watermelon balls = 5 oz.
1 cup cherry tomatoes = 5 oz.
1 small navel orange = 4 oz.
10 medium baby carrots = 3 oz.
1 cup raw broccoli florets = 2 oz.

If you don’t like drinking plain water trying adding fruit slices, such as lemon, lime, and orange (mint is also good too). Another great trick is filling ice cube trays with coconut water, and then tossing it into your water for some added yummy flavor.



I’ve been using these RSP ReGen BCAA post workout. Watermelon of course. I’ve tried the Modern brand BCAA in watermelon and it’s also delicious.


Protein Powder
I’ve experimented with a lot of vegan protein powders, but currently I’m using this chocolate from SunWarrior. I also am a huge fan of the Vega Sport Protein in Chocolate or the Mocha. It’s perfect for those protein bites and in overnight oats.


Hmmm….what else?

Let’s chat about some of the food that has been a staple during Ironman Training.

Here is typically what goes with me for a 25-30 mile bike ride.
1 Huma gel
1 pack of PROBAR energy chews (my new fav)
1 Bottle of Water
1 Bottle of Nuun/Carbo Pro
Post workout protein for the ride home 🙂

I also will typically eat a banana, oatmeal and a mini egg quiche (or egg) before heading out the door to make sure I have enough fuel.

Here is what I used on the bike for the Columbia Triathlon this past weekend.


I’ve been experimenting with a few things and have come to love these Teff Pumpkin Pancakes from the RunFastEatSlow Cookbook. If you have the book…make these. If you don’t have the book…buy the book…and then make these.

Another favorite…Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies

If you’re like me and workout crazy early…try making these and having 1-2 before your morning workout. I had coffee for a little caffeine boost and put a little pep in my step. You can check out the recipe here. These recipes are all from the RunFastEatSlow book.

PICKY BARS!! These are AMAZING. I need these on subscription because they are so good. I love them before workouts, after workouts, or just when I’m on the go and need a snack. My favorite is the Cookie Doughpness. Has anyone tried the newest flavors?


Here is another great post talking about hydration: ThisRunnerRecipes.

The key thing to remember is do what works for YOU. Try things out, make a note in your training journal, and listen to your body.


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