Week 14 Training & Wedding Fun

Sorry for the long delay in getting a blog post up. This past week was a bit crazy due to traveling, but still managed to get in all my scheduled training (and more). I spent the later part of the week in Florida for Jonathan’s sisters wedding. Good thing about both of us training for an Ironman is that our training schedules are very similar so it’s easy to get in our workout. Plus we can do them together which makes it more fun.

Monday: 2000 Meter Swim + Teach Barre (x2)

Track Tuesday + 75 Minutes of Yoga
800m warm up
5×300 (walk the 100m)
4 minute rest
5×300 (walk the 100m)
800m cooldown

Wednesday: Global Running Day
Brick (17.25 Miles Bike + 2 Mile Run)


Thursday: Bootcamp at IronDNA Fitness

Friday: 3000 Yard Swim

After our swim we grabbed lunch and headed to Jonathan’s parents to get ready for the rehearsal at the Powell Crosley Estate. 

The rehearsal was pretty quick so after a few times practicing and grabbing some photos we headed over to Pacific Rim in Sarasota for dinner. The sushi was amazing!!

Proof we actually wear non-workout clothes sometimes.

Saturday: 7.05 Mile Run

Wedding Day!!!

We slept in.. till about 6am (and yes that’s considered sleeping in). We hit the pavement around 6:30am to get in our miles before heading over to the venue. It was nice and humid, but got it done…now time to  party!!


I was up first to get my hair done when we arrived at 10am. I poured myself a mimosa and let the stylist do his thing. I loved how it turned out.


The wedding was supposed to be outside, but due to the weather not cooperating it got moved indoors. Everything still turned out to be beautiful and she looked absolutely stunning.


Dinner was DELICIOUS. All local, organic food.


Salad with fresh fruit and pecans, green beans, rice pilaf, pork with a mango chutney and chicken with a scallion topping. YUMM!!!

The cake…

We got truffles and the key was actually a bottle opener.

Such a fun fun night!! Congratulations Jenni and George!!

Sunday: 24.2 Miles Bike

We got up and met everyone for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. The food was so good I ate it too fast and forgot to snap a picture. I had an coffee (duh), an omelette with spinach, sausage, green peppers and mushrooms; oatmeal; and some fresh fruit. I also snatched a banana for the road.


We headed back to Jonathan’s parents to do a quick birthday celebration since it was his birthday!!! He got a GoPro for his birthday which I’m pretty excited about (maybe even more than he is). I can’t wait to be able to document all of our training shenanigans for the blog and to share with everyone. Oh the life of triathletes :)))))

Sad we couldn’t visit longer, but still had to get in a 2 hour ride and run when we got back to Fort Myers.
We immediately packed up the bikes and headed out to Cape Coral to do a few loops. It was cut a tad short due to the storm/rain, but at least we got some of it in. Good news is that I ate part of a PowerBar and had Gatorade and my stomach didn’t hate me.

Jon is such a trooper for putting up with my mid-workout selfie taking. All smiles today!!!

One thing that was not enjoyable…being covered in bugs…

We stopped by Publix on the way home to grab food for dinner. We kept it simple and had salmon (with BBQ sauce), sweet potatoes and broccoli. We ate and watched the Stanley Cup finals….more hardware in Pittsburgh with another Cup with for the Penguins!!!!

I hate how weekends go by so fast and I was not thrilled about my 6AM flight back to Baltimore. Good news is that I head back to sunny Florida on the 29th for a super long weekend and July 4th festivities.

Week 14 in the books and wrapping up week 15…87 days to go!!!

Week 14 Training Totals:
Swim: 5,468 Yards
Bike: 41.44 Miles
Run: 12.55 Miles
Barre + Strength: 180 Minutes
Yoga: 75 Minutes

Cheers to another week of training!!!

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