Big Things in Week 15

Lots to talk about from this past week so I’m going to jump right in. As far as training, it was the usual Monday Barre, Tuesday Track + Swim + Yoga, Wednesday Bike + Strength, Thursday Swim + TRX, Friday Yoga, Saturday Bike, AND Sunday 10K Race.

Yup…5:30 AM Track Tuesday is still a thing


It was a busy week for sure, but this is just a typical week in Emily’s world.

Week 15 Totals:
: 4484 Yards
Bike: 47.23 Miles
Run: 11.06 Miles
Strength: 2 Hours + 50 Minutes
Yoga: 2 Hours

I did do some pretty cool things this week and one of them was the Baltimore Free to Breathe Kick Off Event at Movement Lab on Friday night. It was a free class to bring together the community as we continue to raise money and build more energy for the August 20 Yoga Challenge that benefits Lung Cancer. I did this event last year and wanted to do it again this year for someone very special who is fighting to beat lung cancer.  All the funds raised from this event go to support Free to Breathe and the goal to double lung cancer survival by 2022. I have committed to practicing 5 hours of yoga that day to honor and remember those who lost the battle to this terrible disease. You can donate to my fundraising page here.

Saturday: 30.23 Mile Bike
I headed to the B&A Trail to get in my 30 miles. I adventured solo which is something I normally don’t do, but since I had a race on Sunday I couldn’t go to the Princeton Sports community ride. The ride started out great (got to rock my new Giro helmet). I was cruising right a long (actually enjoying myself…shocker right?) and a random guy decided to ride on my wheel and draft. Next thing you know a squirrel darted out at my tire, I tapped my break to avoid crashing and the guy rammed his bike into my back wheel. Luckily I stayed upright and didn’t fall, but a super scary moment. I thought I was going to pass out and got super light headed from being shaken up. He was okay, but banged up pretty bad, nothing broken thank goodness. I made sure he was okay and then continued on my ride. Oh and holy humidity…hello summer!!!

I also hit up the wine festival in Canton with some friends and drank some delicious wine…and oysters too.

Fun day with friends, but was home early to prep for Sunday’s 10K with Rip It Events in Ellicott City. I haven’t raced in awhile so I was super excited to have fun.

Silly me didn’t take pictures of any of my food (aside from post race watermelon).

But breakfast was a bowl of oatmeal, banana and a dollop of almond butter. I’ve been on an oatmeal kick recently but it’s working for these morning workouts/races. I had a small water bottle of tailwind for the run since it was super hot and humid and knew that I needed the fuel. Before the race I had a bite of a power bar and more water.

Around 8AM I headed to the start line for a RipIt Team photo. Such a good looking crew. I love this family of runners and triathletes!!!



And at 8:15AM we were off. It was a super fun race. There were some hills and lots of shade which was good but didn’t help how humid it was. I started off in 2nd for overall female but kept an eye on the lead girl. This took me back to my H.S. track days. I ended up passing her coming into mile 3 and at that point I had another girl on my heels. I kept the lead through mile 3.5 and then she passed me. I was actually glad because I don’t like when I don’t know where they are behind me and I have to control the pace. I stayed close and then around mile 4.5 I went for it and passed her again. This time I pulled away and took the lead through the finish. This was the first race that I WON 1st Place Female Overall. I had to earn it, but the pain was worth it. My official time was 46:44 (7:32 pace – first 5K was 7:25 pace and last 5K was 7:39 pace)

Gotta love the dying face…


Overall it was a great day and I was glad I got to run with over 20+ RipIt athletes.

Oh and it was an even bigger day for this guy who completed his first IRONMAN 70.3 in 5:17:33. I’m so proud of him and how far he’s come. We both completed our first tri’s last year and will both complete Ironman’s this year!! Let’s just say this is the first of many 70.3-s. He gets a little recovery time this week, but the focus now is on Ironman Florida 140.6.

Other accomplishments from the weekend: 

Steph and Matt raced in Utah and tackled the Bryce Canyon 50 miler (Steph) and 100 miler (Matt). Unfortunately due to some tough conditions (9,000 ft elevation, extreme verticals and 90 degree weather) Matt dropped at 41 and Steph at 33.5. I know it was disappointing for both of them but either they are still badass.

My friend Victoria also completed her first Ironman 70.3 in Syracuse. This girl also just crushed the Boston Marathon in April…Congrats girl!

After the race, it was time to hit up Starbucks and head to PA to spend the day with my parents and grandpa for Father’s Day. We had a nice little lunch with crab balls, flank steak, chicken, salmon, roasted potatoes, a fresh salad and zucchini. Let’s not forget the apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert which I couldn’t enjoy but it looked delicious.

Love You Dad!!!


Already halfway through week 16 (actually a recovery week) but still grinding through  the normal routine…I’m coming for you Lake Placid.

I know many of you have started marathon training….GOOD LUCK!!!

Enjoy the sun, enjoy this weather, and enjoy all the amazing people in your life who continue to motivate you to achieve your dreams. Keep striving towards greatness. You got this!




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