Week 16…BOOM!

Boom! Week 16 flew by. Well actually the entire month of June flew by. Can someone please tell me where it went cause I’m not really sure. It’s hard to believe I’m heading into week 17 of Ironman training, but I’m ready for things to start to build as I get closer to race day. T-77 days (eek!!!)

Here’s the rundown. Oh and I promise that there is some food posts in the works. I promise I do more than just train for an Ironman 🙂

Monday: 2000 Meter Swim + Teach Barre

So today was supposed to be an easy 1000 meter swim and Tuesday was the 2000m but due to traveling for work there was no way I could run and swim tomorrow so moved things around a bit. This was an easy set. 400, 300, 200, 100…x 2.


Tuesday: 4.48 Mile Run (8:35 pace)
Just an easy stroll along the promenade.


Wednesday: 13 Mile Bike (45 minutes)+ Teach Barre




OH was this a sweaty one!!! Even on these indoor rides I’ve been practicing with Tailwind and water and alternating between the two every 5 minutes.

Thursday: 2000 Meter Swim + Teach TRX

Today was all about 200s. I felt great and actually swam kind of fast.

Anyone else every change the face of their Garmin? On days when I don’t feel like swimming or working out…this is my reminder.


Friday: Rest Day + 90 Minutes Hot Yoga


I took Keith’s class in Fells at Yoga Works. His classes are amazing and it was good to see Britta. We did a ton of core and really stretched out the legs which is exactly what I needed. And yes…that is sweat on my mat.


Saturday: Long Run

I met up with my girl Britta for some miles. She had to do 11 so I ran a few with her. I went a little over for the day…the plan was to do 7 (Sorry coach Suzy).

I also met up with the ASA Crew. Princess Kimar had quite the crew today.

I hit up the farmers market to pick up my Gundalow Juice for the week. I purchased some zucchini and these pickles…


I also did a little food prep. I’ve been on a salad kick lately so prepped some sweet potatoes, cut up beets and have chickpeas, roasted red peppers and some walnuts for toppings!

Sunday: Brick (35.51 Mile Bike + 3.70 Mile Run)

Brick today!!! Haven’t had one of these in awhile so felt good to get back to that jello leg feeling after getting off the bike. After a solid 5minutes of debating on whether or not I was going to ride on the trainer or go to Columbia…I decided to go to Columbia. I needed the hill practice because Lake Placid is NOT FLAT. I’m not 100% confident on the bike and fear riding alone especially because of all the mechanics that go wrong on the bike so today was a BIG WIN!!

Breakfast: 2 eggs and a banana
On the bike:
1 Huma Gel  – 1 hour into the bike
1 bottle of Nuun Hydration mixed with 1 scoop CarboPro
I bottle of water

I tore through the Nuun mixture. I did alternate every 5 minutes when I remembered. I took in more of the Nuun to get the calories and stay hydrated since it was hotttt!!!

Overall…I felt great. Run was 30 minutes (20 minutes rpe 2 and then 10 pre 3-4)

I spent the afternoon hanging with Julie and Marie on the rooftop at Julie’s place to try and get rid of these racerback tan lines.

I met up with my friend Heather for coffee at Pitango in Fells and then we went to Keith’s class at YogaWorks. The coffee (and yoga) were great!!


And now… prepping for Week 17!!!

Week 16 Totals:
Swim: 4,000 Meters
Bike: 48.51 Miles
Run: 16.48 Miles
Yoga: 150 minutes
2 Hours 50 Minutes

Have a great week everyone!!!


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