Hello July [Almost] + June Thoughts

I’m doing something a bit different and giving you look into what my monthly recap looks like. This is what my coaches Suzy and Danny send out each month. It’s great because it really gets me thinking about how I did this month and what I need to change as I head into another 4 weeks of training. I promise to share more of these going forward and encourage all of you to do the same regardless of whether or not you are training for something. Every day we learn, we grow and we are working towards something. It doesn’t matter if you are tackling your New Year’s resolutions or your training for a marathon, you have goals. You don’t learn and improve unless you evaluate your progress. Figure out what you need to do to achieve your ultimate goal and what steps you need to take each day to get there…YOU GOT THIS!!

With that said…here is my recap for June:

How do you feel about your past month’s training?  Was it productive?  Were you focused and motivated for all of the workouts?  What is your current motivation level?
I loved that I was able to get to the track this month. it mentally made me feel a lot better about speed and mixing up just straight running plus the track workouts are hard so it challenges me. I’ve struggled mentally with not running as much since I’m used to running 20-30 miles a week regularly this time of year so switching it up helped A TON. I’m always motivated. The only thing I’m not motivated about is the bike. Just not loving it recently for some reason, but I know it’s all mental for me and I’m working on that. 
Some workouts each month just seem too well, while others are tough from the start.  Which workouts do you feel went the best?
I’ve been working on my form in the pool and had a breakthrough this week after watching some videos. I felt much stronger, more efficient and swam my fastest even though it didn’t feel like it. I’ve been working on the ‘catch’ in the water and it has helped so much. 
Which workouts were the most challenging?  What did you differently on these days? Definitely the bike. Those intervals are killer but they work and help me get stronger both mentally and physically. I know that I am strong, but sometimes mentally I feel like I’m not or am just ok. I need to be confident in myself and my strengths. Having the incident with the guy drafting and crashing definitely makes it hard for me to want to ride by myself but got over that last weekend and did my 35 mils loop on the Columbia Tri course solo. 
How was your recovery during the last month?  Did you feel tired or sore?
Recovery was great. I’ve been incorporating yoga for stretching, working on my breathing and mentally being in a good spot on recovery days or other days when it fits with my schedule. I’ve been working on some diet changes too and experimenting with a few things. I’ll be posting and writing about on these on the blog. Overall, I’ve had a ton more energy and hopefully that can execute into my training over these next couple of weeks and for the remainder of IM training. 
How do you think you did mentally and emotionally?
Mentally much better with the running and the bike is just okay. I still don’t love it, but I’m getting there. Every workout is progress and I know I’ll be ready after Diamond in the Rough Olympic Tri and the Sprint/Olympic Duathlon this month. Confidence is key!!
How many hours of sleep per night have you averaged and rate sleep quality.
On average 6-8. Fridays are perfect days for sleeping in and early bedtimes. I take relaxed mood aka melatonin vitamins at night which help A TON with sleeping. 
How was your general nutrition this month? How was your training nutrition? Nutrition has been good and I’m always working on documenting my fuel for training more so that I’m better prepared come race day and have a solid plan. I’m currently working on a few changes with diet (less meat) and doing more plant based fuel which is already making a HUGE difference over the past 2 weeks. I would like to know more and talk about a good race day plan with X calories for beginning, during and how much to eat/when during the race.
Did you race during the past month? How did it/they go? What went well?  What went poorly? Big WIN this month and HUGE achievement with winning my first ever race which was the Ellicott City 10K. I had to earn it but happy with the pace considering the course and the heat/humidity. Yay for all the speedwork this month!!
List all your race schedule for next six weeks. Include running races. List name of race and date.
July 8: Diamond in the Rough Olympic Triathlon
July 15: Maryland Spring Duathlon
July 16: Maryland Olympic Duathlon
Are there any unusual stresses this month (e.g. extra work hours, ill family member, poor sleep, increased job stress, home move etc.) that might affect your training and recovery? Work has been busy but that shouldn’t affect any of my workouts. My workouts are what keep me sane. 
Describe any new, current or recovery injuries:
No issues with the glute/hamstring attachment point. I still need to keep up with daily stretching/maintenance to stay injury free. Barre and TRX help too!!
What areas of your training/racing do you think need the most attention in the next month? Brick workouts since I’m not used to running off the bike and more challenging bike workouts. I want to be pushed and challenged.
And that’s a wrap…Bring it on JULY…
T-73 days till 70.3!!!!!!
Have a great Friday everyone!!



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