Goodbye June…Hello July

Week 17 was a bit of a crazy one. Good news is that I only have 2 months till Ironman Lake Placid. These next two months of training are going to be challenging both mentally and physically.  To be honest, I am actually pretty excited to challenge myself and tackle my longest distances on the bike.  As you know the bike is my least favorite and the sport I struggle with the most, but I refuse to let it affect my training. I’m learning and that’s only going to make me stronger.

Here’s the quick rundown of week 17 thus far.

Monday: 2100m Swim + Teach Barre

WU: 100 swim, 50 kick, 150 pull
MS: 1000 swim, rpe 2
50 kick
500 swim, rpe 2
50 kick
200 pull ez

Tuesday: 5 Mile Run (Fueled by Gundalow)


Wednesday: Hotel Workout + 19 Mile Bike


I was traveling for work so hit the hotel gym for a quick workout in the morning.

Here is what I did:
3 Rounds
800m elliptical
30 DB Deadlifts
30 Rotating Side Lunges w/ 8lb. Med Ball
30 Deadbugs
30 Hamstring Curls (on Stability Ball)

2 Rounds
20 Sit Ups
20 Push Ups
20 Deadbugs
20 Hip Taps



When I got home I still had to bike so hopped on for a tough 19 miles
(40 minutes rpe 2 + 20 minutes race pace + 5 minutes EZ)


Thursday: 3.80 Miles Run + 2000 Meter Swim + Teach TRX

Yay for another run day!!!! I met up with Britta for some speedy miles before I had to hit the pool. Averaged around 7:54 which felt pretty good and always love catching up with friends during runs.


My new shoes also arrived and I’m pretty pumped to get these on the pavement this weekend in Florida.


Friday: 60 Minute Bootcamp

I did Bootcamp at IronDNA Fitness while Jonathan did CrossFit.
Here was the workout….


Dinner was a giant bowl of goodness:
Sweet potatoes, quinoa, spinach, tempeh, beets, and guacamole.

The rest of the night was spent prepping for Saturday’s brick workout. I know what you’re thinking…a pretty exciting Friday night right?! Well..when you’re Ironman training this is the life and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The weekend is not over so more to come with week 17 totals BUT here is how June turned out…

Swim: 20,837 Yards
Bike: 181.30 Miles
Run: 56.3 Miles

Peace out June!




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