Weekend Recap [Adios Week 17]

 Anyone else loving the extra long weekend? I’m in Florida and loving all this sunshine and outdoor riding.  July is off to a great start and I’m so excited to see what the month has in store. Kicking things off this month with my final Olympic Triathlon before Lake Placid in September. Shit is starting to get real friends.

Saturday: Brick

His and Hers ready for 3+ hours on the bike and a 30+ minutes run.
Alarm went off at 6:15AM.

Outfit of choice today was my RipIt tri top, Pearl tri shorts, Lulu bra, 2XU socks.


Breakfast: oatmeal with honey, cinnamon, banana and spoon of almond butter


and just like that we were ready to roll a tad before 7AM.

Today was a bike PR day and I FELT GREATTTTT.

Jonathan had more to do so I went to Starbucks and worked on the blog while he bike for the first hour. We did 1 hour loops so we could come back and refuel.

Hour 1:
Tailwind every 5 minutes
HumaGel @ 50 minutes
1/2 PB Cliff Bar at 1:05
20 Miles


Hour 2:
Tailwind and Water every 5 minutes
Huma Gel @ 1:30ish
1/2 PB Cliff Bar at 2:05

Hour 3:
Gatorade and Water every 5
Huma Gel @ 2:30
Huma Gel @ 3:00

16 oz of Gatorade (took as needed…IT WAS SO HOTTT)

And so 4 hours + later…
54 mile bike  + 3.65 mile run
4 Huma Gels
40oz Tailwind
40oz Gatorade
40oz Water
1 Peanut Butter Cliff Bar

Post workout food. By the way it tasted way better than what it looks. I’ve been back on a toast kick lately so added leftover tempeh, avocado and beets.

Sunday:  6 Miles + 1 Hour Yoga

Happy #SundayRunday! I did an hour yoga class from YogaGlo while Jonathan biked and did the first part of his run. I went out and joined him for the second half since I only had 6 miles to do. It was quite ‘soupy….hello summer!!

I love First Watch so we went there for a late breakfast and lunch before heading out on the boat for the afternoon.
Kalt Tonic and the Superfood Bowl (chia pudding and almond butter toast)

#BOATDAY with a great group of friends.

Pizza (and maybe some non-dairy ice cream) for dinner to wrap up a great weekend.

Happy July 4th Everyone!!!

Week 17 Totals:
Swim: 4100 Meters
Bike: 73 Miles
Run: 18.40 Miles
230 Minutes
Yoga: 60 Minutes


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