Big Week 18 With Another AG Win

Well hello everyone…I’m back. Sorry for being gone all week, but you know life’s been crazy and I’ve had to focus on a few other things so that meant blogging took a back seat for a few days. This was a GREAT week. Why so great? Well…let me tell you.

Monday: 1300 Meter Swim + Kayaking

It was a beautiful day so after the swim we hit up Starbucks for some post-workout coffee.  We decided to go kayaking to take advantage of the great Florida weather. (Side note – I did all the rowing)

After a long day on the water we decided to have a date night and go out for some tacos and WINE!!

Tuesday: 4.75 Mile Run + CrossFit

Happy 4th!!!
Jonathan I celebrated by doing a 40 minute run and then went to IronDNA for a fun July 4th workout. I don’t know that it was really FUN, but it was super hard and kicked my bootayyy.


I’ve also been trying recipes from my new THRIVE cookbook. I tweaked this recipe a bit, but these veggies burgers were the BOMB. We also had zucchini, corn salsa/salad and some guacamole. Dessert was non-dairy yogurt with fresh fruit (we already devoured the 2 tubs of non-dairy ice cream over the weekend so tried to keep it healthy).

Wednesday: Flight back to Baltimore + 14.61 Bike on the trainer

Thursday: Swim 1000 Meters + Teach TRX

Tested out some new moves today and man were they tough. Come check out my TRX class at Beachfit every Thursday at 5:30PM for 50 minutes of FUN. I promise you won’t regret it!



That’s right…I took a rest day since I have a big race tomorrow.
In other good news I’m obsessed with this new tri top from Smashfest Queen. There stuff is amazing. If you are in need of some new tri gear check it out…super comfy and who doesn’t love racing in hot pink?!?!?

I also picked up my bike from the bike shop after getting a little tune up. There was some damage after my bike incident a few weeks ago and wanted to make sure it got fixed for the race. All cleaned and ready to go!!


Saturday: Diamond in Rough International Triathlon

I won’t go into detail here because I’ll do a full race recap later this week, but lets just say it was a good day. I finished top in my age group and set a new olympic PR with a time of 2:48:51 (1 mile swim, 27 mile bike, 5 mile run)

Celebration included dinner with my friend Heather at Lee’s Pint & Shell in Canton. Live every day like it’s #TacoTuesday. Tacos and orange crushes FTW!!

Sunday: 25.11 Mile Bike + Barre at Lululemon Towson


Great bike this morning and surprisingly my legs felt good. It was a hot and sweaty ride that’s for sure.

After the bike I headed up to Towson to teach barre at Lululemon. Such an incredible group of ladies. They offer FREE in-store classes every Sunday at 10AM.

Here is the schedule for Lululemon Towson for the rest of July:


Off to PA celebrate my Dad’s Birthday and visit with the family!!

I got home, did some food prep, laundry and prepped for another week of training. Two races this upcoming weekend which are actually my last until Ironman Lake Placed 70.3. Only 62 days TO GO!!!

Week 18 Totals:
Swim: 3797 Meters
Bike: 66.46 Miles
Run:  9.80 Miles
Strength: 170 Minutes
Yoga: 60 Minutes

Happy Monday Ya’ll. Have a great week.

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